Estate Sale Saturday October 3rd, 2009

It is official – we leave a week from tomorrow.  Whatever we don’t sell, we will bring with…but we are looking to sell just about everything, so if you are in the market for any of the items below, come and see us!   There are a few pictures below of some of the items for sale. 

Call Valynne at 303-903-7821 or

Stop by on Saturday October 3rd

(Follow the signs from Little Cub)

***This List Is Being Updated Daily***

Master Bedroom

  • California King Head/Baseboard ($100)
  • Black Dresser, Nightstand, and TV Hutch ($300 for the set)
  • Antique Chair (As Is $25)
  • River Scene – Original from England ($400)
  • Print of Barn – Original from Evergreen – ding on frame ($75)
  • Ski Clock ($5) (SOLD)
  • End table w/ painted chess board ($15) (SOLD)
  • Various Linens

Master Bath

  • Modern Oil Painting – Original from England ($50)
  • 3 Sea Scenes Framed ($5 each)


  • Eastern Style Dresser ($300) SOLD
  • Leather Chair ($500) (SOLD)
  • Mirror ($45)
  • Antique Lamp Table (crack in center) ($15)

Upstairs Study

  • White Easy Chair & Ottoman ($35) (SOLD)
  • Red Upholstered Chair ($10)
  • Pottery Barn File Cabinet ($100) (SOLD)


  • Large Plant ($35 in planter) (SOLD)

Guest Room 1

  • English Bed/Mattress – Similar to American Full ($50) (SOLD)
  • Bedside Table – Fake Wood ($10)
  • Wood Dresser $30 (SOLD)
  • White Lamp ($10) (SOLD)
  • Table Fans (2 for $10) (SOLD)

Guest Room 2

  • Green Chair – Perfect for Child ($25)
  • Green Footrest (SOLD)
  • Tomahawk (SOLD)
  • Bow/Arrow (SOLD)
  • Ceramic American Indian Tile ($10)(SOLD)

Guest Bath

  • Ocean Scenes – Small (3 for $10) (SOLD)
  • Floral Drawings (2 for $10)

Front Door

  • Metal Cowboy (SOLD)


  • Pyramid ($15)
  • Cast Iron Table and Chairs (SOLD)

Family Room

  • Aztec Print Carpet (7feet 8in x 10ft 10in) ($100) (SOLD)
  • Large Black Lamp – Needs New Shade ($25)
  • Coffee Table and End Table Set ($75)
  • Antique Oak End Table ($40)
  • Big Screen TV (SOLD)
  • Pottery Barn Sofa and Loveseat ($2000) Cost over $3500


  • Glass table (scratch in glass), 6 matching chairs & matching shelves ($250) (SOLD)
  • Bar Stools (2 for $10)
  • Dishware, Silverware, Pots and Pans

Dining Room

  • Original Eggplant Painting ($100) (SOLD)
  • Ship Paintings ($20 each) SOLD
  • Wine Butler ($35)
  • Buffet/Bench Table ($100) (SOLD)

Dining Room 2

  • Glassware & Crystal
  • Old Town Darby Oil Painting – Original ($200)
  • Telescope and All Equipment ($200) (SOLD)
  • Antique English Oak Gate Leg Table and Chairs ($700)

Living Room

  • White Couch w/ 4 Matching Footrests ($200)
  • Coffee Table (small dent), Buffet Table, and End Table ($200)
  • (Or $300 for all of the furniture in this room)
  • Reproduction Art Deco Woman/Orb – English Lamp that can be rewired ($45) (SOLD)

Front Entryway

  • Large Wall Mirror ($75)
  • Elephant Plant Pedestal w/ plant ($15) (SOLD)
  • Hall Table ($50) (SOLD)
  • Grandfather Clock (Make an offer)
  • Wicker Chair ($5) (SOLD)
  • Brass Chinese Man Carrying Water (Worth $1,500, make an offer)
  • English Barometer ($15) (SOLD)
  • Duckling Doorstop ($10)

Laundry Room

  • Maytag Washer & Dryer ($150 for set – washer needs new seal but works well) (BUYERS)
  • Various Glass Vases


  • Snow blower (SOLD)
  • Spare Door (Buyers?)
  • Various Tools (Paul needs to sort)
  • Books (50c soft cover, $1 hardcover)
  • 2008 Toyota 4Runner Jump Seats ($800 for the pair) Cost $700 each


  • Garden Tools (Paul to sort)
  • Ottoman ($10) (SOLD)
  • Rollerblades ($5)
  • Pier 1 CD racks $10 each

Basement Stairs

  • Sunflowers Print ($10)

Boiler Room

  • Kenmore Refrigerator ($100)
  • Reclaimed Pine Table ($20) (SOLD)
  • Bakers Rack ($40) (SOLD)


  • Executive Desk ($300)


  • Humphrey Bogart Framed Prints (2 for $20) (SOLD)
  • Marilyn Monroe Framed Prints (2 for $15) (SOLD)
  • Courtney Pine Quartet Framed Print ($25)
  • Billiards Table (SOLD)
  • Treadmill ($200) (SOLD)
  • Blue Sofa Bed – Upholstery is Faded ($50)
  • Pine Book Shelves (3 for $85) (SOLD)
  • Guest Room in Basement
  • Antique English Beds – Set of Two Singles & Antique Hutch ($250)
  • Nightstand ($10)
  • Ski Photo ($20) (SOLD)
  • 2004 Cherry Creek Arts Fest Print, Framed ($35) (SOLD)


A New Beginning

A New Beginning

After spending the past couple of weeks exploring caretaking opportunities all over the States, Paul and I have accepted a position in Cape Cod, MA.  This is a long term house and pet sit (1-2 years).  We are packing up the 4Runner and heading out on Monday October 5th, at the latest.   These last few days in Evergreen will be hectic as we have much to do before we leave! 

Paul will most likely be coming back to CO in a few weeks to tie up all loose ends with the house sale.  In the meantime, we will be having our final estate sale on Saturday October 3rd (check Craigslist on Thursday or just follow the signs from Little Cub on Saturday).  We are getting rid of almost all earthly posessions so there will be all sorts of random stuff.    

Thank you to all who came out to the Ice House last night.  It was my final bartending shift and the place was packed, thanks to the music of Joe Bye and friends.  We sure will miss all of the great live music Evergreen has to offer.  There are so many things we will miss about Colorado.  I am from the East Coast, so I know what cold winters mean; I know there will be times when we long for Colorado Blue Skies! 

For those of you who are wondering what is to become of Mountain Girl Organics…the answer is I don’t know yet.  A friend is interested in buying the business, which would keep it all local.  Otherwise, I will put production on hold after my Holiday orders are in and revisit MGO once we are settled in.  Late winter/Early spring is a good time for this as retail is typically much slower. 

As for Paul, he will continue on with his job (he works remotely) while we are in Cape Cod.  We are both looking forward to taking care of two retired greyhounds, being closer to my CT friends and family, living on the water, etc. etc.  Thanks to technology (when I can figure out how to use it) we can keep in touch with each other so easily these days.  We have met some great people out here that we will miss dearly.  Lucky for me, I probably won’t have time to think about that too much until we are all nestled in to our new  dwelling…

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