I am happy to give you a reference for Paul and Valynne. We have known Valynne for over 30 years. She was practically like a daughter to us. She is very capable and dependable and a delightful person. When she lived in CA she house sat for our neighbors on numerous occassions. They were always glad to have her take care of their dogs and house. We have known Paul for several years and he is very well respected in his field and with friends. I hope you get to know them and that they will be available when you need them,

Sue (Southern California)

Our family had the pleasure of having Paul  and Valynne house sit for us from October 2009 until October 2010 at our family home in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts.

During their time here, they were responsible for our three-bedroom home as well as our two family pets; aging Greyhounds who were very sick.

This was our first experience in house sitters and the bar has been set high for us.  They were professional, personable, conscientious, caring and over time became our extended family.

While sitting, they assisted with everything from caring for our pets to landscaping over two acres.  Our plants have never flourished until Valynne’s green thumb arrived and I swear our dog Milo still waits for Paul to come home and take him for a walk.  They took care of this house and our pets as if they were their own.

They cared for and monitored the condition of the house and grounds without complaint or issue and above this, they would accommodate our family should we descend upon the house during long weekends or holidays.  Each time a problem would come up, they would handle it efficiently and professionally.

I would recommend this couple for any house sit, whether short term or long term.  Their good nature, professionalism and care were what drew us to them to start and they never disappointed us.  Anyone looking for a couple to house sit should consider themselves lucky to have Paul and Valynne care for their home.

Best Wishes, CG

Valynne and Paul love caretaking for animals and their homes and it shows. They are conscientous and responsible as well as caring. Our somewhat shy, elderly dog Cosmo immediately took to them, enabling us to visit our grandchildren in Austria without the worries that typically come with leaving an older dog behind. The house was spotless when we returned – I think Valynne is quite meticulous – and Cosmo had only good things to say about this caretaking couple!


Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Valynne and Paul after our dog trainer suggested they would be a good match for boarding our 11-year-old Border Collie/Aussie Cattledog, Pepper.

Pepper is not the most friendly dog, despite lots of training, therefore we had made a habit of “shipping her out” whenever friends with small children wanted to come visit for a weekend.

She didn’t do well at boarding facilities so we were in need of a place away from home where she could feel comfortable and calm.  This is exactly what we found with Valynne and Paul.

After some initial introductions, she was ready to move in!  Pepper really enjoyed staying at their home and we never worried about her in their care, despite her quirky tendencies. 

We even heard that she was fond of Paul, which is amazing given that she’s generally afraid of men.  Something about their calm nature and the way they allowed her to be part of their household really worked for our old girl. 

My husband and I were both sad when they moved out-of-state for their next adventure.  We hope that they eventually find their way back to Portland, as we all miss them – especially Pepper! 

If you’re lucky enough to snag these guys for an extended stay at your house or a dog sitting gig, you’ll be in good hands. 

Carol M., Portland, OR

I met Valynne and Paul soon after I moved to Portland, they are friends of my daughter. Soon I found myself needing overnight boarding for my old and ocassionally confused dog. Standard boarding no longer seemed appropriate as he was less able to roll with the noise and confusion of the kennel life. Valynne and Paul were able to make him feel right at home in their house.  I knew they were the right choice when I took him there for the second time, and be bopped right up the stairs to the door. It’s so nice to not feel guilty about my dog when I travel… he’s happy.  

most sincerly, WR
We met Valynne way back when she was a student of my husband’s in college. Valynne mentioned in a assignment that she did house sitting so my husband asked her if she would house sit for us and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. We could always depend on Valynne to take excellent care of our home and our pets while we were gone, allowing us to truly have a relaxing and stress free vacation. As the years went by Valynne moved on but we continued to keep in touch.
When my husband passed away, Valynne and her partner Paul made it possible for me to go away for a little while and to once again not have to worry about a thing because I knew that I couldn’t have asked for better care of my home and pets. They not only took care of the horses, goats, chickens, cats and my dog but also had to live in my home during a serious water shortage and still managed to keep my most favorite plants alive.
They were even able to put on much needed weight on my whippet (something I hadn’t been able to do) and Valynne went the extra mile by buying my lotto tickets for me while I was gone. How many people can you trust to do that? And Paul made delicious dinners for me every night before my departure.
Paul and Valynne are the most responsible and caring people you could ever meet. They truly want to and do take care of your home and pets better then if it were their own. I feel so very fortunate to know them and have their friendship as well.

Linda E., Ventura, CA


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