Independence Day Weekend (In Pictures)

Independence Day Weekend (In Pictures)

Annual Friends of the Falmouth Library Book Sale

We're trying to get rid of books, really we are. This was just too damn irresistable.

Haven't been to Betsy's yet...but she is on the list...

Love these old motels - so much character.

My friends parents owned one similar to this when I was a kid, growing up in downtown Ventura, CA

I love Falmouth. I come here almost every day since beginning my yoga classes


A New England Fourth of July

Blame the blur on the Bloody Mary(s)...Quarterdeck Restaurant in Falmouth

Independance Day on the Bay

Happy 4th of July, America!

A Day on the Vineyard with Laura

A Day on the Vineyard with Laura

Leaving Falmouth for the Vineyard via the Island Queen

Laura came to visit from Connecticut last week.  Neither of us had been to Martha’s Vineyard before and were pleasantly surprised to find that we could take the local ferry there and back for a mere $18.00 (without vehicle).  Wednesday was perfect weather-wise and off we went, leaving Paul to his day job.  I felt like quite the lady of leisure! 

Laura, enjoying a cuppa at Mocha Motts

We arrived at Oak Bluffs and enjoyed a morning of coffee and wandering from shop to shop without a man to hurry us along (hee).  My favorite shop was Craftworks, which featured handcrafted items from all over America.  I bought a handful of quotes that were typewritten on handmade paper that I will be sure to share with you in a future post.   

If I were a big spender and had some space to fill, I would have bought a Sticks piece or two for me.  Maybe a jewelry box or a perpetual calendar.  And at least one piece for Laura.   I fell in love with this Iowa company while wandering Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado a few years back.   Below is a nice patriotic piece.  

Sticks Lithograph - What We Love About America

We eventually walked out past the touristy section of Oak Bluffs and into the neighborhoods.  This is reason enough to come to the Vineyard.  The cottages (mostly Victorian and cheery or prim and proper Capes) were all a bit different and each yard boasted a profusion of flowers in bloom.  Divine.  This cottage spoke to me more than the others for some reason…

Oak Bluffs Beauty

For two dollars we boarded a bus to Edgartown (Martha’s Vineyard is a lot bigger than I thought).  A local suggested we have lunch on the deck at The Seafood Shanty.  It was a bit pricey (about $25 each with drinks) but acceptable, considering the view, the vibe, and the fresh cod sandwich.  

An afternoon on the deck - Seafood Shanty

The view from our table at the Seafood Shanty, looking out at Chappaquiddick Island


The Stairs at Edgartown Books

After lunch, we browsed Edgartown Books and a few other shops.  I know I have mentioned it before, but frequenting indie bookstores tends to give one a good feel for the community.  Because it was pre-July Fourth weekend, the multitudes had not yet arrived, so we had plenty of time and space to peruse.    

Henley's Needlepoint & Fibers (located behind Edgartown Books)

Laura and I were the only customers in the tiny Henley’s Needlepoint & Fibers behind the bookstore, where all the colorful canvases were hand painted.  Mr. Henley greeted us and gave us a brief history of the area and how he and Mrs. Henley ended up there.  Thank you, Mr. Henley!  

Austin-Healy 3000

This Austin-Healey 3000 was parked right off Main Street.  Paul loves Austin-Healeys.  I offered to write the owner a check right there on the spot but he declined.  Sorry, Paul.  I tried.  : ) 

Seeing as how we were on daycation, Laura and I decided to splurge once more before heading back to the mainland.  Here we are enjoying our blended lattes at MacPhail’s Corner Cafe where everyone seemed to know each other.  The weather was perfect, but I am glad I brought my cardigan as my back was getting a bit pink and the a/c was in full-force wherever we went.  

MacPhail's Corner Cafe

More MacPhail's Corner Cafe

Having played our Ladies of Leisure roles so well, we actually missed our ferry departure.   Luckily, there was one more departure that day.  This gave us some time to spend by the water.  The beaches were full and I regret not taking pictures of  the primary colored umbrellas in contrast with the sand, sea, and sky.  Next time.  We spied this magnificent sailing ship as we headed back to shore.  

Schooner sighting (taken from the Island Queen)

I am hoping to get back to Martha’s Vineyard with Paul before the end of our stay here.  We are fortunate to live somewhere so beautiful…somewhere that would cost most people a lot of money to visit.   My sister is coming to visit in a week; stay tuned for more Cape Cod adventures!  And be sure to let us know what your summer adventures are, if you haven’t already…

PS)  H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y , L A U R A!  XOX

Recent CC Contest Prize Winners

Recent CC Contest Prize Winners


It is catch up time.  In all the summer excitement, I have allowed a few things to lapse.  Important stuff, like announcing contest winners!  So, our most recent contest winners are Catherine T of Evergreen, CO and Lee Wilmot of Littleton, CO.  Thank you, my CO peeps for keeping in touch via the blog – always love to hear from you. 

Catherine won a few Mountain Girl Organics items (they may be collectors items, at this point!)…and I am not saying what Lee won because she hasn’t received it yet.  We have been friends for twenty-five years so she will probably end up with some random stuff thrown in : ) Hope you all are enjoying your summer…it is h.o.t. here (even on the Bay) but absolutely gorgeous!

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