Road Trip 2010 – (Mostly) Mississippi

Road Trip 2010 – (Mostly) Mississippi

Yes, it is October, and yes, this road trip did take place throughout the month of August.  Sigh.  Still, I am determined to give you the scoop because it was such a GREAT trip!  I am now writing from lovely Provincetown, MA where we have rented a sweet apartment between sits.  Then it’s Tennessee, here we come!

Creepy. Pretty. Pretty Creepy!

After North Carolina, we drove through a bit of Georgia and spent one night in Tennessee, where we met with the homeowners we will be sitting for as of next month.  I will ply you with TN pics then…for now, on to Mississippi.  But first, what is this stuff growing over everything?  Will someone please enlighten me?  Someone familiar with the South?  Thank you.

We didn’t have much time in Mississippi – just one night.  We tried to get two, but the Inn we were staying at was fully booked.  You wouldn’t think this would be an issue, judging by the exterior of the place.  But it was, and now I know why.  On the way to Clarksdale, we stopped in Oxford for lunch.  What a cool town! 

Yes, Please

"Say, aren't you William Faulkner?!?"

Our lunch break was short and sweet and like so many places we happened upon in our travels, I wanted to know more.  However, until I can convince the S.O. (Significant Other, aka Paul) to go in on an Airstream, we’ll just have to keep movin’.

I went down to the crossroads...

We ended up in Clarksdale Mississippi because Paul and I both share a deep appreciation for blues music and wanted to find out more about the Delta blues in particular.  That, and Paul found the site for a place called the Shack Up Inn while surfing the web one day.  It was love at first click. 

Welcome to our shack for the night

We stayed in the Pinetop Perkins shack.  This (along with the rest) is an original sharecropper shack.  The Shack Up Inn is located at an old cotton plantation…Hopson Plantation.  An eye opener as to how things were not so long ago in these parts.  By the way, Pinetop Perkins is ninety-seven and still going strong. 

Pinetop mural in the living room

Shacks (from the back)

RV Art

I'll take mine silver ; )

And rusty teal

the Juke Joint Chapel

Chevy & The Cotton Gin Inn

Hopefully I have given you a good feel for the premises.  It really is one of those places you have to see for yourself.  I suggest you go there.  And now, for what we chose to do with our one night on the town…

Blue Cheese Fondue with House Fried Potatoes at Rust

Parking at the Ground Zero Blues Bar

I think I'll just grab a seat at the bar...

Razorblade takes the stage

Razorblade & Yours Truly

Ground Zero Blues Club  is just one of the local joints and I have to be honest, I did go there knowing that Morgan Freeman is a co-owner and…how cool would it be if he just happened to stop by?  What?  At least I’m being honest.  I’m not starstruck in general, but, come on…Morgan Freeman! 
Alas, no Mr. Freeman that night, but we did have the honor of meeting Josh “Razorblade” Stewart. 
Another unforgettable evening on the road.  Go to and have a listen.  My favorite song is “Every Goodbye Sure Don’t Mean I’m Gone”.  I can’t wait to be back in Clarksdale.

The Crossroads, made famous by Robert Johnson

Biscuits and Grits for the road at the Rest Haven Restaurant

P.S.  Thanks to you, we’ve had over 10,000 hits to this little blog; and almost 1,000 comments!  This calls for a celebration in the form of a PRIZE drawing.  Just leave a comment on ANY post ANYTIME between now and Sunday night (10/10/10 – how cool is that?) and I will announce the winner/prize first thing Monday morning : )

Road Trip 2010 – (Mostly) Mississippi


The new face of MGO (pictured here with her family)!

Hello Friends.  To clear up any confusion, we returned from our August road trip a month ago and I am just now finishing up my posts, so when you see titles with Mississippi, Colorado, Kansas, etc. in them, we aren’t actually there anymore.  It isn’t that I haven’t been dying to tell you about the rest of the places, people and pets we met along the way…it is just that I got a bit…distracted.  Shocking, I know. 

What was I distracted with, you wonder?  Well.  The BIG news is that my little business, Mountain Girl Organics has officially sold!  We have been doing all the stuff that needs doing to get Paula (the proud new owner) up and running.  Just in time for the Holiday Season, no less.  Phew – so much to do!  Luckily she will have lots of help from Laurie Teason (of Sweet Cheeks Soap Co fame) and “the guys” (see above). 

We will be sending out a press release and more very shortly.  There are a few things that still need tweaking!  In the meantime, if you are a facebook user, be sure to fan Paula at Mountain Girl Organics.  Paula is currently working on the website,, and you can still leave comments on the blog,

I was going to wait until everything was “just so” to make this announcement, but it really is a process and I just can’t keep it to myself for another minute.  In other words, I am very excited!  A little sad, as well (my baby…) but mostly excited!  Paula is taking on A LOT in a very small amount of time, so if you would care to share the love through a few words of encouragement via fb and/or the blog I know she would appreciate it : ) 

OK, now…where was I?  Oh, yes…Clarksdale, Mississippi…

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