Vision Board 2010

Everyone I talk to is excited about the New Year.  Laura and I finished our vision boards on New Year’s Eve – it was so fun and very interesting to see what it was that we were drawn to in the mags and how they came together on the poster board.  We have gone over resolutions together for years now so this was a nice addition to our tradition.  Last year my resolutions revolved around clarity and simplicity.  I would say it was a successful year on both counts.  This year my resolutions revolve around focus

***If you enjoy your own New Year’s Traditions, I would love to hear what they are!  So, the contest is on – comment on The New Year and I will add your name to the pot for a drawing one week from today…I will announce the prize after the drawing (mysterious, I know).

A Walk in the Woods with Milo

On a bittersweet note, we lost Ty the eve of December 29th.  It has been a little less than three months since we began this sit.  We knew as soon as we met Ty that we might be losing him soon, but part of me just refused to accept it.  At least one of us has been by his side now for some time, just in case.  So, when he died peacefully in my arms I felt a deep sense of comfort and relief.  And now, comes the grief.  Goodbye, sweet Ty.

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