Meanwhile, Back at the Bay…

Meanwhile, Back at the Bay…

Suddenly, the fruits (or the herbs and vegetables, at least) of our labor are everywhere!   Some of you will remember how I tried to grow herbs at an altitude of 8,000+ in Colorado and how disenchanted I was with the results.  I know it can be done…just not by me, apparently.  What you see below is yet another benefit of sea level living.  Love how that baby chipmunk took advantage of the photo op (upper left).

Herb Garden

And the flowers!  We can’t take credit for the flowers; these just appeared out of nowhere one day…along with the bees.  Albert Einstein insisted that man would not survive more than four years without bees.  Respect to the bees.

Fat and Happy Bumblebee

 This property boasts a pond out front and a bay out back.  I am pretty sure my fascination with lily pads stems from the book, The Wind in the Willows, one of my childhood favorites.   Or was it Thumbelina?  Either way, lily pads never cease to enchant.

Lovely Lily Pads

Paul has recently taken to…lawn mowing.  Who’d have guessed?  I fear I will have to remind him gently that when our time here is through, the lawn mower stays.  Seriously.  


"She might have took my car Keys, but she forgot about my old John Deere."

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Milo, yet he continues to maintain a happy and sweet disposition. 

Milo and his Favorite Toy : )

His heart condition reminds us that he is no spring chicken (nearing thirteen, which is particularly old by retired racer standards).   For a while there, it seemed like he was getting younger by the day…guess I was in denial.   Plying him with meds and restricting his walks is not fun, as all of you animal lovers know.  

Keep this aspect of sitting in mind, dear would-be caretakers.  You are likely to become very attached to those left in your charge.  I mean, just look at him.  The epitome of adorable. 

As ever, I look forward to your comments.  Tell us all about your gardens, your animal friends, your favorite country songs…and remember, you can comment on any Caretaking Couple post at any time.  It’s all relevant!

*One more thing…I am working on a destination article for my travel writing class.  The subject matter?  Downtown Evergreen, Colorado.  Thoughts?

More Provincetown Pictures

More Provincetown Pictures

Paul, reading the info folder provided by Carpe Diem. He is such a very good influence on me.

Exit Carpe Diem, turn right, walk for thirty seconds, and you will find yourself here.

Welcome to Commercial Street!

Ross' Grill. Yum. Paul is looking out at the Atlantic in this pic. Apparently I make a better door than I do a window.

A Showgirls diva being carried off stage by hunks after singing "They call me...". FUN!

You know I'm going to have a bookstore shot or two. Please support your Indies, people!

April showers bring May flowers - our private patio at Carpe Diem

Whale Watching on the Portuguese Princess

This guy came up out of nowhere!

Whale Tail. We saw 30-40 whales that day. Can't wait to get the video!

Wine Hour at Carpe Diem. I could get used to this.

Pool party around the corner from Carpe Diem!

Ocean View Lunch at Lobster Pot

New Friends Robin and Jennifer from North Carolina : )

Town Hall

Iris sighting on our daily stroll

The Mews. 285 vodkas from 32 countries = martinis & foodie chat with Michael

And midnight walks and boats

Biking to Race Point Beach along Cape Cod National Seashore

Almost there...

Picnic and a nap at Race Point Beach

Whale watching boat in the distance

Scallops Alfredo and a Gimlet for me at Napi's

Provincetown Public Library in the process of being restored - what a beautiful building!

My Dream Studio

East Coast Americana


Little orange boat surrounded by blue...Kit, this pic was taken for you...


We didn't climb Pilgrim Monument there in the distance, but we definitely will next time!

Goodbye, Beautiful Provincetown...

May you always remain both funky and sweet!

Seizing the Days in Provincetown (In Praise of Carpe Diem)

Seizing the Days in Provincetown (In Praise of Carpe Diem)

The Henry David Thoreau Cottage at Carpe Diem

I have to hand it to Paul; it doesn’t seem to matter where we go, he gets the accommodations just right.  Cue the Henry David Thoreau Cottage at Carpe Diem in Provincetown, Massachusetts (

It seems a bit strange, going on vacation and being just as enchanted with the living quarters as we were with the activities we had planned.  Competing with whale watching, restaurants galore, the National Seashore and Showgirls is no small feat, after all.

Truly; I had an extra good feeling about this trip.  We always have fun on our wanders, but I was excited days before our mini break began.  Paul picking out a place to lay our heads that celebrated poets and playwrights definitely set the tone.

Because I have just begun a travel writing class, and because I knew that Provincetown would make for a fun blog post, I emailed Carpe Diem in advance, letting them know of my writing aspirations and asking for their blessing, which I received with enthusiasm (thanks, Jarrod!).

So, what makes this place particularly special compared to your average guest house and spa?  Let’s begin with breakfast. 

My favorite dining room at Carpe Diem

There is plenty to choose from whether you are the oatmeal and fruit type, the cold cut type, the Yoplait type, etc.  I went with whatever Andrew and company (including the owners) were creating in the kitchen (think banana pancakes, French toast, and omelets).  

I heard a rumor that Andrew is working on a cookbook and am really hoping it is true…Andrew?

The coffee and tea (gourmet and available throughout the day) with raw sugar, or sugar crystals, and real half and half was superb.  What a perfect way begin the day, with staff and fellow vacationers alike.  I can’t believe how many interesting people we met, from all over the world!

Paul, enjoying himself at Wine Hour

This typically happened during our complimentary daily wine (and cheese) hour, which began at five-ish and ran a bit over each day, depending on the crowd.  Our first evening was spent with Belgians, Dutch, and Germans.  In fact, I was the only American out of a dozen or so people!

Oh, and let’s not forget that sherry and port is available in the Walt Whitman Common Room, as well…come nightcap time or otherwise.  If Commercial Street and the Atlantic Ocean weren’t a thirty second walk away I would be tempted to not leave Carpe Diem for the four days we were there (luckily for the staff we at least gave them time to restock between breakfast and drinks).  

Namaste Spa at Carpe Diem

The weather was perfect and the pre Memorial Day crowds light, so we took advantage of that fact while others chose to use the spa facilities (sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, massage…).  In between activities we crashed out on the bed in our perfect cottage, took a bath in our two person (deep and jetted) tub, or read books in our sitting area.  Divine.

I like big beds and I cannot lie...

Being introduced to so many interesting and pleasant people was an unexpected gift.  I doubt this would have been the case were we not encouraged to socialize over wine and cheese, sherry and port, pancakes and coffee…I miss it already.  We exchanged e-mails with a few kindred spirits and I truly intend to keep in touch as our short time as neighbors was such a delight! 

And for those of you who feel that one must be gay in order to enjoy all that Carpe Diem and Provincetown have to offer, I leave you with this quote by Henry David Thoreau, which I discovered on the Carpe Diem website, “Could a greater miracle take place, than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?”

Thank you, Carpe Diem for all of the extra touches – they were so appreciated by not only Paul and I, but every other guest we had the pleasure of meeting as well. 

Backgammon, Anyone? I could so live here...

If you find yourself planning a trip to Provincetown, consider a stay at Carpe Diem.  Peruse their website and pick a room that is named after one of your favorite writers…it makes the experience that much more special. 

Carpe Diem Guesthouse & Spa | 12 – 14 Johnson Street, Provincetown, MA 02657
USA Only: 800.487.0132 | International: 001.508.487.4242 |

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