Paul, reading the info folder provided by Carpe Diem. He is such a very good influence on me.

Exit Carpe Diem, turn right, walk for thirty seconds, and you will find yourself here.

Welcome to Commercial Street!

Ross' Grill. Yum. Paul is looking out at the Atlantic in this pic. Apparently I make a better door than I do a window.

A Showgirls diva being carried off stage by hunks after singing "They call me...". FUN!

You know I'm going to have a bookstore shot or two. Please support your Indies, people!

April showers bring May flowers - our private patio at Carpe Diem

Whale Watching on the Portuguese Princess

This guy came up out of nowhere!

Whale Tail. We saw 30-40 whales that day. Can't wait to get the video!

Wine Hour at Carpe Diem. I could get used to this.

Pool party around the corner from Carpe Diem!

Ocean View Lunch at Lobster Pot

New Friends Robin and Jennifer from North Carolina : )

Town Hall

Iris sighting on our daily stroll

The Mews. 285 vodkas from 32 countries = martinis & foodie chat with Michael

And midnight walks and boats

Biking to Race Point Beach along Cape Cod National Seashore

Almost there...

Picnic and a nap at Race Point Beach

Whale watching boat in the distance

Scallops Alfredo and a Gimlet for me at Napi's

Provincetown Public Library in the process of being restored - what a beautiful building!

My Dream Studio

East Coast Americana


Little orange boat surrounded by blue...Kit, this pic was taken for you...


We didn't climb Pilgrim Monument there in the distance, but we definitely will next time!

Goodbye, Beautiful Provincetown...

May you always remain both funky and sweet!

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