Road Trip 2010 (Still in Progress)

Road Trip 2010 (Still in Progress)

The Soapbox Laundro-Lounge, Wilmington, NC

I am a bit, ahem, behind on the posts.  Not pleased with myself, but in my defense, it has been truly nonstop since we reached Colorado (no excuses for NC, TN, and OK aside from having too much fun to focus on anything technological).

Sometimes we have wireless, sometimes cell service, but never at the same time and never when I am sitting still : )  Hope you all don’t give up on me, because I have lots of fun stories to tell!  For those we have seen on the road, stay tuned for pics – promise!  XOX, V&P

Road Trip 2010 – Rock Hall, Maryland

Road Trip 2010 – Rock Hall, Maryland

Paul and I grabbed a quick cuppa in Annapolis, Maryland on our way to Rock Hall.  This sculpture of Alex Haley (the author of Roots) and children stopped me in my tracks.  My picture does not do it justice, but you can find out more about the Kunta Kinte – Alex Haley Memorial here.     

"Knowledge of history can be the first step away from anger and bitterness. Truth leads to understanding. Understanding and forgiveness lead to reconciliation and healing" Memorial Story Wall Plaque.

 If we had more time, we would have done more exploring of the Naval Academy and maybe an oyster bar or two…  

The mission of the naval academy is to develop midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically; and to imbue them with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty...

Annapolis, Maryland. Love the colonial blue buildings with cranberry trim...

Paul picked a quiet spot for our next stop – Rock Hall, Maryland.  What did I like most about Rock Hall?  Kids on bikes waved at us while we drove by in the 4Runner.  When we walked down Main Street people said hello (all five of them) and we got more waves from passerby.  Even the trash truck driver waved hello.   LOVE that. 

I also loved the diverse dwellings.  I loved them so much I am going to save those pics for a separate blog post.   

Greetings from Chesapeake Country

Sign at Chicken - Neckers in Rock Hall

 This is my new (old) favorite sign.   Chicken necks are used to bait crabs.  In case you were wondering.   

Back Deck at the Old Gratitude House

The Old Gratitude House was lovely, with the added bonus of unintentional entertainment compliments of the Innkeepers.  No question who wears the pants in that family – let’s just leave it at that, shall we?    

Our room was perfect (a his and hers robes kind of perfect).  Check out the view from our private deck!   So peaceful, and with gourmet breakfasts to boot.  We had fun chatting with the other guests and getting to know several local cats and two adorable Westies.   

Calm Before the Storm

A lot of you know that I love a good storm.  Unlike most people I welcome a downpour, on vacation or otherwise.  I sleep better to the rain.  And I never carry an umbrella in the rain because it feels so good against my ruddy skin.   Perhaps I was a sailor in another life. 

Sailing with Captain Mark

A Rock Hall highlight was discovering Blue Crab Chesapeake Charters.  For $30, Captain Mark sailed us around Chesapeake Bay and plied us with margaritas (true story).   I am still hoping Paul will warm to the Airstream idea, but am thinking a houseboat would probably be an easier sell…

This man loves being on the water

Osprey nest - Chesapeake Bay

Paul recently lost his Dad.  I wish so much that we could send him these pictures (or better yet, show him in person).  He was in the Royal Navy and would get a huge kick out of seeing Paul enjoying himself out on the Bay. 

To get a feel for Rock Hall, I really need to take you back to Main Street…

The Nearest Mall

These shops are only open on weekends, so we didn’t get to check them out.  Lots of shops are in houses here, which gives them a lot more character, don’t you think?   

Hotel Transportation

There is a hotel on Main Street named Tallulah’s that offers limousine service.  I cracked up when I saw their limo because it reminded me of a time in my early twenties when my piece of crap Chevy Cavalier broke down and I could only afford to go with Rent-A-Wreck.    I ended up with a car similar to the one above.  I could fit about a dozen friends in it.  And it was easy to spot in the lot (this was pre-SUV’s). 

Durdings Store (old fashioned ice cream parlour)

Durdings has an old fashioned soda fountain and everything

Banana Shake for Paul and a Vanilla Coke for me : )

Durdings was delish.   Durdings and Harbor Shack were our favorite places to eat (aside from our B&B breakfasts).  Charlotte (our waitress at Harbor Shack)  actually got a dreamy look in her eye while explaining one of the specials. Roast beef sandwich, I believe it was.  I appreciate that in a waitress, or anyone, really.  It is near impossible for me to relate to people who don’t appreciate a good meal. 

Rock Hall is a nice place to go to get away from the chain stores and the crowds.  I felt that had we stayed longer we would have befriended a few of the local, salt of the earth types.   Spell check is suggesting I avoid this cliche but I don’t feel like it.

I will post a bit more about Maryland in a day or so.  Then, I will fill you all in on our Outer Banks escapades.  Yes, I do believe I could get used to this.  Just got to figure out how to make a decent living from the road.  I have some thoughts…any ideas on your end?!? 

And So It Begins…Road Trip 2010

And So It Begins…Road Trip 2010

Sunflower at the Bay

Paul and I took to the road three days ago and what a trip it has already been!  Day One was basically spent getting from the Cape to Michele in Alexandria, VA.  This could have been done in 6-7 hours if it weren’t for Jersey traffic (something big was going on in Trenton). 

So tempted...

It was worth it, because I never would have spotted these feather earrings at a mega rest stop otherwise (Paul is not a big fan of mega rest stops for some reason – party pooper).  Needless to say my mind immediately transported itself back to the eighties. 

This pleases me greatly

Another benefit of being stuck in traffic was the ability to take pics of passerby.  Rotel, anyone?  Yes, please!  It’s like a cruise liner for the road.  Except without showers.   Much more environmentally friendly than your typical motor home, I believe this model transports twenty-four passengers.
How fortunate we were to spend the first days of our road trip with our friend Michele.  She was kind enough to put us up and take us sightseeing, including an unforgettable day in DC. 

Albert Einstein Sculpture in DC

The Lincoln Memorial (Paul can remove this from his Bucket List now)

Paul and Michele in front of the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

The Three Soldiers Statue on the Washington Mall, across from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Waiting to hear the MLK "I Have A Dream" speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial

We only had a day and a half with our friend, so we spent the rest of the time basically goofing off.  Below are a few pics of Michele and I “shopping” in Georgetown, then all of us meeting up and wandering Alexandria.

I love bears

Michele loves monkeys

Paul loves beer...and we all love the Hobbit!

You all know what a serious reader I am

Uncanny resemblance to James Joyce

Dear Santa...

Tiny house in Alexandria - love it!

*Click here for more info on the house above (thanks for the link, Michele)…

So many beautiful old homes in Alexandria

And back home to Frisco Jones

Michele uploads pics while Paul ponders our next route

Thank you, Michele for a wonderful whirlwind of a time…we “la” you.  Yesterday Paul and I stopped at Annapolis on our way to our new digs…a quaint and quirky B&B here in Chesapeake Bay named the Old Gratitude House.  It is now time for our gourmet breakfast.  Life is good! 

PS  I am a guest blogger today at my friend Rachels blog, . It’s not too late to tell us where to go, and to enter to win a prize while you are at it!  xox 

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