Sunflower at the Bay

Paul and I took to the road three days ago and what a trip it has already been!  Day One was basically spent getting from the Cape to Michele in Alexandria, VA.  This could have been done in 6-7 hours if it weren’t for Jersey traffic (something big was going on in Trenton). 

So tempted...

It was worth it, because I never would have spotted these feather earrings at a mega rest stop otherwise (Paul is not a big fan of mega rest stops for some reason – party pooper).  Needless to say my mind immediately transported itself back to the eighties. 

This pleases me greatly

Another benefit of being stuck in traffic was the ability to take pics of passerby.  Rotel, anyone?  Yes, please!  It’s like a cruise liner for the road.  Except without showers.   Much more environmentally friendly than your typical motor home, I believe this model transports twenty-four passengers.
How fortunate we were to spend the first days of our road trip with our friend Michele.  She was kind enough to put us up and take us sightseeing, including an unforgettable day in DC. 

Albert Einstein Sculpture in DC

The Lincoln Memorial (Paul can remove this from his Bucket List now)

Paul and Michele in front of the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

The Three Soldiers Statue on the Washington Mall, across from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Waiting to hear the MLK "I Have A Dream" speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial

We only had a day and a half with our friend, so we spent the rest of the time basically goofing off.  Below are a few pics of Michele and I “shopping” in Georgetown, then all of us meeting up and wandering Alexandria.

I love bears

Michele loves monkeys

Paul loves beer...and we all love the Hobbit!

You all know what a serious reader I am

Uncanny resemblance to James Joyce

Dear Santa...

Tiny house in Alexandria - love it!

*Click here for more info on the house above (thanks for the link, Michele)…

So many beautiful old homes in Alexandria

And back home to Frisco Jones

Michele uploads pics while Paul ponders our next route

Thank you, Michele for a wonderful whirlwind of a time…we “la” you.  Yesterday Paul and I stopped at Annapolis on our way to our new digs…a quaint and quirky B&B here in Chesapeake Bay named the Old Gratitude House.  It is now time for our gourmet breakfast.  Life is good! 

PS  I am a guest blogger today at my friend Rachels blog, . It’s not too late to tell us where to go, and to enter to win a prize while you are at it!  xox 

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