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I was introduced to Barbara Winter online a couple of years ago and share her words of wisdom often on our various social media sites. When I came across this list in her most recent newsletter, I immediately felt the need to share it here on the blog (with her blessing, of course). I’m thinking a lot of you will nod and relate (kindred spirits). For those of you who don’t get why I am the way I am, this list might shed some light…

29 Things to Love About Being Joyfully JoblessTM

Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirit.
Jobs are not big enough for people.
~ Nora Watson

When Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, “How do I love thee, let me count the ways,” she wasn’t talking about her life as a poet, but  I’m borrowing that idea anyway.  My list isn’t nearly as poetic as hers, but it’s every bit as passionate and includes things that other self-bossers love about working on their own.

  1. 1. Control over time. Self-bossers are more likely to plan their work around their biorhythms, not a time clock.
  2. 2. No supervisor. Being self-directed builds confidence and maturity.
  3. 3. Imagination stays fit. Our creative spirit is like a muscle and needs frequent workouts to keep it in top operating form. The entrepreneurial life depends on constant creative thinking.
  4. 4. Office can be anywhere. We get to decide if we’ll work at the beach, in our RV or in our home office.
  5. 5. Time for creative excursions. Knowing how important it is to gather ideas all the time, we work frequent jaunts into our schedule and let ourselves be inspired.
  6. 6. No rush hour traffic.
  7. 7. No fast food. Not only do we save money but eating healthy is easier when we have time to prepare good food.
  8. 8. A more balanced life. Smart self-bossers begin by figuring out what’s important to them and find ways to spend time on the top priorities which include not working too.
  9. 9. Lifelong learning. Having experienced jobs where continuous learning was not valued, we now design our own curriculum of formal and informal learning.
  10. 10. Pet friendly office. Fluffy and Fido can be part of our staff.
  11. 11. Custom-tailored benefits. While we have familiar benefits like health insurance and vacation time, self-bossers might give themselves other benefits like weekly massages or exciting sabbaticals.
  12. 12. Constant personal growth. Our businesses call us to keep growing and discovering new talents and wisdom.
  13. 13. The coolest friends. Entrepreneurial souls tend to be fun and fascinating. Building a personal network of such friends is a joy.
  14. 14. No office politics.
  15. 15. Great tax deductions. Our tax system favors the very wealthy and the self-employed.
  16. 16. No dress code. Whether you’re funky or conservative, your wardrobe won’t be decided by a memo.
  17. 17. A variety of work. We resist doing the same thing day in and day out and our businesses reflect our love of different activities.
  18. 18. Learn talent management. Self-discovery leads to finding our biggest assets and making the most of them.
  19. 19. Be a positive role model. When we follow our dreams, we set the best example for our kids and others who we don’t even know are taking inspiration from our lead.
  20. 20. Longevity. Yup, we’ll probably live longer and happier lives by honoring the prompting of our hearts.
  21. 21. Master crowd control. We can go to the movies on Tuesday afternoon or to the bank when there’s no line. Not only is this efficient, it eliminates a lot of stress.
  22. 22. Practical mental health. Do you think it’s healthier to spend time problem-solving or complaining? Entrepreneurship, by its very nature, enhances mental health.
  23. 23. Meet fascinating people. As our businesses take us out into the world, we begin to encounter new and interesting folks we’d have never met any other way.
  24. 24. Feed our adventurous spirit. What others call uncertainty, we see as a passport to a rich life that keeps our curiosity busy.
  25. 25. Learn personal responsibility. If our parents and schools didn’t teach us this vital lesson, our businesses certainly will.
  26. 26. Naps.
  27. 27. Unlimited financial potential.  We get to decide our money goals and create ways to reach them. What a lovely notion.
  28. 28. Harmony. Self-bossers are more likely to live in alignment with their deepest values.
  29. 29. FREEDOM.

    Barbara Winter, author of the bestselling book, Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways for Creating Work That You Love,  is also a business owner, itinerant teacher, and self-employment advocate who found her own right livelihood after overcoming her early notions that work was meant to be  drudgery. Be sure to check out her Winning Ways newsletter publication and various Teleclasses and Workshops at or

    PS WOW ~ Lots of hits on this page!  I am guessing that is because you are either joyfully jobless or interested in becoming joyfully jobless.  I think that this calls for a prize drawing!  Simply leave a comment, letting us know one or two things you love about being joyfully jobless, or that you think you would love about it and I will pick a name on Monday, 5/28.  The lucky winner will be sent a copy of Barbara Winter’s book, Making a Living Without a Job

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