Linda teaches Judy and Valynne the Art of Texas Hold 'Em

I have heard it asked from a few of you…what exactly is it that you do with your time now, Valynne?  Allow me to enlighten.  A caretaker typically does whatever it is that the absentee property owner(s) would be doing had they not left the premises.  Each job is going to be a little bit, if not a lot, different than the last. 

Currently, we maintain a large home and property and care for two dogs.  Since Paul has been in Colorado tying up loose ends with the house sale, my focus has been nearly 100% on the dogs.  They are used to constant companionship, and one is not feeling so well lately, so my number one goal is to get him to his appointments and be sure I am doing everything I can in keeping him comfortable and helping him to get to feeling better. 

Other priorities include cleaning the house, keeping up on the yard work, forwarding any phone messages/mail, giving regular status updates on the dogs, watering the plants, starting the engines of idle cars, keeping appointments for any maintenance/repair work that needs doing;  that kind of stuff. 

It is very important for a house to look lived in from a security standpoint, so even an empty house that has no pets or plants to care for would benefit from having the newspapers taken in and the lights turned on each night.  Also, occasionally, things come up and need attending to.  For example, an inconvenient event like frozen water pipes or a broken window can quickly reach disaster status with no one to discover and tend to said event in a timely manner. 

What else am I doing with my time?  I am blogging : ) and studying computer stuff.  I am researching other natural bath and body products companies online (info on founders, case studies, business models, new products, etc) .  I am gearing up for an important meeting regarding the future of Mountain Girl Organics (thank you for your questions and encouragement while we figure out what the next step looks like and how to take it).  I am discovering more and more what it means (for me) to simplify and enjoy. 

The “enjoy” category currently includes learning how to really play Texas Hold ‘Em!  I’ve played a few times before and have always had so much fun, but my plans for a weekly poker night never made the calendar in Colorado.  I blamed this on a fledgling business, various part-time jobs, a house on the market, Paul’s new role at his job (not to mention his lack of enthusiasm when it comes to card games), and so on and so forth.  Now, here I am, making new friends while pursuing a new hobby.   

But enough about me.  Let’s talk about you;  specifically things that interest you.  What hobby would you pursue if you found yourself with more time on your hands?  Would this be a brand new hobby for you or something you have enjoyed in the past and would like to rekindle?  And, as always, if you have any caretaking questions/comments that you would like me to tackle/touch upon, I am all ears.

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