A Month of BLYS

Inspired by a friend (who I will introduce to you soon), I have committed to a month of daily yoga at BLYS in Falmouth, MA.  There are several reasons why I am doing this. 

Yoga quiets my mind.  My 2010 mantras are focus and release, and yoga allows for both.  Basically, I cannot stay in a pose while over thinking things or holding on to grudges without toppling over.   

In yoga class, I am reminded to set an intention (see mantras above) and focus on the ever present “now”.  Just writing about this is having a calming effect… 

I am interested in improving my overall health, and most of the yogis I know are consistent when it comes to taking care of themselves.  I want more mind-body balance.  And I want to look good in yoga pants. 

Yoga is expensive, but worth it.  If you are interested but can’t afford to go regularly, I suggest you take at least a couple of classes before going the video route.  Some poses are challenging (understatement) and having an instructor there to guide you will make all the difference.

Paul was kind enough to buy me a one month pass.  So, I thought why not go every day while I can?  Yes, I am mighty sore on my fifth day straight and no, I do not recommend this to anyone who has not practiced yoga before. 

So far, I have taken Vinyasa, Power & Balance, Heated Core, and Hot Power Yoga.  I was reluctant to go the heated route (due to my “ruddy” complexion) but it feels so good to sweat so much!  My skin looks no worse for wear and I am already feeling a difference in my flex-ability.

Blooming Lotus Yoga Studio

My plan is to make yoga a big part of my weekly routine after I finish the month.  I think that alternating yoga with my weight resistance program (ChaLEAN Extreme) and other summer activities (bicycling, swimming, etc.) will be a great combination for me.

Stef (one of the awesome BLYS yoga instructors) has suggested I read the book Light on Life by BKS Iyengar.  I just reserved it at the library.  She also recommended www.yogajournal.com .  Thanks, Stef!  

What are some of your favorite healthy activities?  I have a tendency to be on the sedentary side and I do love my meals, so the more inspiration I can give and receive, the better…

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