It was a really quick trip to Connecticut.  We visited my old friend Nancy and her hubster Chad in Glastonbury, then headed over to KC Dubliner in Burlington for some festivities of the St. Paddy’s Day variety. 

I worked at this pub in my early to mid twenties (when it was O’Hagan’s) so it was fun to come back and see so many familiar faces.  There have been many changes (the place looks great, K&C!); the room the girls are dancing in was a smoky pool hall at one time.   

My original plan was to go to the Irish parade in Hartford in the morning and meet up with the entire fam, but the weather was bad.  Gale force winds, pouring down rain, fallen trees and power lines, not to mention flooding bad.  Alas.

Very happy we got to see the step dancers, though.  Love to watch step dancing (I bounce too much to be any good at it myself). Fun to see all the kids running around as well, looking like their ‘rents that I waited on/befriended back in the day.

John, Contemplating his Next Drink

Got a chance to catch up with my cousin John (aka Cuz).  He was sporting a fantastic bright green mullet wig but I think Aunt Ev confiscated and hid it before I could get a picture ; )  There are very few people in this world that can convince me to do a shot these days…actually, only two that I can think of.  John happens to be one of them. 

Declan, Getting the Menu Scoop from Aunt Ev

Declan is one of the youngest family members .  This is the only time I saw him sitting still (apparently, like me, he pays attention come supper time).  He looks so much like his Dad (my cousin), but with blond hair…

Wish I had gotten more pics but I was just enjoying myself too much to be bothered, I guess.  It was great to finally introduce Paul to Aunt Ev, whom I love dearly.   Later in the evening there was a reunion with the girls (and Pete!); everyone looks so happy and healthy…

Aunt Ev's Famous Irish Soda Bread

Aunt Ev brought me two loaves of the best Irish Soda Bread in the entire world (it is a Belfast recipe).  We had the first loaf with Chad and Nancy, and we are sharing the second one with the homeowners here in MA, who have been home with Milo for the weekend.  This is proof as to how much I like these people.

Paul and I finally got to meet Gus, a very sweet Clumber Spaniel who believes he is a lap dog the size of a Chihuahua.  Here he is with Chad and his favorite stuffed duck…

Chad and Gus

Vidalia and I are old friends – hard to believe she is in her teens now.  I remember when Nancy first adopted her – she spent the first six months or so under Nancy’s bed.  Once she ventured out, though, there was no turning back. 

The two of us did lots of bonding back in the day.  I house and pet sat for Nancy whenever she was away throughout my twenties.  When she was home, we were nearly inseparable. 

Vidalia (Not Loving Having Her Picture Taken)

Thank you Nancy and Chad for having us; love your new digs (Dutch Colonial) and Gus is such a sweet, sweet boy!  There were lots of people I wanted to see and introduce to Paul but time was limited.  We are only a couple of hours away now; so another visit is just around the corner…

Nancy and Chad

In the meantime, lots of love to the CT crowd, and a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all!  And that reminds me – only two days left to enter our latest contest (scroll down for the scoop)…

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