What a great morning.  My new friend Joyce and I met in S. Yarmouth at the Cape Cod Cultural Center for this mornings “Breakfast With the Authors” event, presented by the Cape Cod Writers’ Center (brilliant idea, Joyce).  She commented on my blog a while back, won a prize,  and come to find out we have much in common and are practically neighbors – fun! 

Today’s event featured three authors who were there to discuss their most recent books.  Three different writers with three very different books – yet I enjoyed each talk immensely and can’t wait to find out more about them.  Which book to start with,  is the question…

 Elizabeth Moisan wrote this historical fiction based on the lives of the pirate Sam Bellamy and his witchy woman, Mariah.  The story takes place out on the Atlantic as well as on the Cape.  Ms. Moisan focused her talk mainly on the book and on pirates in general.  Did you know that pirates did not coin the term “Arrgghh”?  Me neither!  And isn’t it interesting the way pirates throughout history have been glamorized? I mean, they are criminals, after all.  Is it strange that I was completely fascinated by the fact that she handed me an antique-like map (that she created herself) of Cape Cod along with a copy of her book?  I love it and am sticking it on my bulletin board.  Find out more about Elizabeth Moisan at www.quillsandbrushes.com.

Up next: Gordon Mathieson.  To be honest, I was thinking I would listen to what this man had to say with the intention of reporting back to Paul as biological weaponry isn’t really my thing. However after hearing him speak I realize there is much more to the story than that.  Still, I am going to start with another book of his, The Hyannis House.  What can I say, I am a bit of a chicken.  Anyway, this man is very interesting – he shared a lot about himself and how he came to be a writer and I have a strong sense that I wasn’t the only one in the crowd that drew inspiration.  Find out more about Gordon Mathieson at www.GordonMathieson.com.

Speaking of strong senses, Bethanne Elion has had out-of-body experiences since she was three.  What captivated me was her telling of the years of suffering she experienced while trying to stifle her psychic abilities.  How many of us have done this to ourselves; regardless of the ability we possess?  I shudder to think.  Like most, I love a good success story.  I love that she is now honoring her third eye and helping animals and people in the process.  Oh, and after perusing her blog, I discovered that she loves essential oils and has a background in skin care…cool!  Find out more about Bethanne Elion at www.bethanneelion.com

Happy weekend, everyone.  And happy reading!

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