I am currently enjoying a two week sit in Cambridge, MA with Cosmo.  It has been a bit like vacation.  Cosmo and I go to the dog park every morning.    

Then, when she is napping, I sneak out for a few hours.  The evenings are spent writing, reading, and walking some more.   

Because I am (mostly) sans Paul, who walks a lot faster than me, I have taken many a picture.  Here are a few of my favorite moments so far…     

MayFair 2010 just happened to fall on my first day out on my own in Cambridge.  I called for a taxi.  This alone would make for an interesting blog post, I thought to myself.  Yes, I was generalizing, or stereotyping or whatever you want to call it.  In my defense, I have taken cabs in Boston before and will leave it at that.   Anyway, the cab showed up minutes later and I was greeted by a pleasant, helpful, and soft spoken man named Doyle.   Doyle dropped me off at Harvard Square and what a great day I had.  Plus, I realized that I could easily walk or take the T home. Thank you for all of your suggestions, Doyle!  You made my day(s) in Cambridge that much better.  

A Perfect Day for MayFair 2010 - Harvard Square

MayFair 2010 - Chalk Art

MayFair 2010 - Legacy Dance Company (GO GIRLS!)

MayFair 2010 - Boston Tap Company (WOW)

MayFair 2010 - Cambridge Youth Dance Program (aka Beautiful Ballerinas)

Walking Past Longfellow's Digs on the way "home"

All of Cambridge is in Bloom...

 The pics below were taken at the dog park at Fresh Pond, where Cosmo and I spend most of our mornings.  These ducklings were only 3 to 4 days old when we happened upon them.  Sweet. 

Ducklings at Fresh Pond - Welcome, Springtime!

Walking Cosmo Around Fresh Pond Resevoir

Cosmo, Waiting for me to get off the Swing

I'm Car-Free in Cambridge. Feels Good.

I liked Harvard Square so much that I decided to go back and experience it without the MayFair crowds…Paul came to visit over the weekend and we enjoyed the Square together.  

My kind of shopping (Harvard Square)


Algiers Coffee House - Harvard Square

Arabian Coffee with Paul at Algiers (Harvard Square)

Browsing at Beadworks (Harvard Square)

Upcoming Events at Club Passim - Harvard Square (This Pic is for you, Denise)

Smurfs sighting at Hidden Sweets - Harvard Square

 On several occasions, I chose to take the long way home; this day via the Charles River.  Just missed the storm you see brewing below. 

The Charles River - Cambridge Boat Club in the Distance

When I turn right out of the neighborhood instead of left, I run into these gems…

Sofra Bakery & Cafe (on Belmont in Cambridge)

Falafel & Iced Latte at Sofra (yes it was that good)

Vintage Plates at Lady Luxe (Belmont Street, Cambridge)

Lovely Lamp at Lady Luxe

Vintage Suitcases at Lady Luxe

Deluxe Town Diner - Watertown

Ok, that’s just a peek at what I have been up to.  Stay tuned for Week Two and if there is anything you feel I absolutely must see while I am here, do tell, won’t you?        


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