I am back with the boys now.  It feels good to be “home” after a great two weeks in Cambridge.  I sure loved being able to walk or take the bus everywhere, and Cosmo and I had a blast at the dog park (Fresh Pond).  Shedding a few pounds (along with the BP catastrophe) has inspired me to make walking whenever I can a priority from now on.  Am taking the bike in to be tuned up tomorrow as well!           

So many options this weekend at Fresh Pond...

Fresh Pond is packed with people and dogs, all day every day.  I loved taking Cosmo there, and on the days where she wasn’t feeling like a long walk, I would come back and walk alone.  It energized me, just being around people running, cycling, or walking;  most of them with a dog close-by.  I am not  a runner (although I have done my share of jogging over the years) but I definitely picked up the pace these past two weeks.  After our morning walk, I would typically walk or hop a bus to Harvard Square.         

John Harvard

Dorms. Perhaps in my next life...

Harvard Writers Featured at the COOP

Wandering Harvard and the Square felt great.  Again, the energy was there and I embraced it fully.  Check out the guy sitting behind Paul in the picture below.  He filled page after page with who knows what while Paul and I chatted away.  I wrote like that when I was his age. Pen to paper, sometimes hours on end.  Granted it was typically at an all night diner and for a JC or UCONN extension class (or even better, a juicy journal entry)…even so, I bet I felt just as inspired as he was feeling that morning.          

Algiers on Brattle - Harvard Square

Trish, this next pic is for you.  Thank you for a wonderful afternoon with you and Dave, including a “Belated Birthday Lunch” at Full Moon Restaurant on Huron Ave.  Delish.        

I had not heard of Marimekko before this sit  and while I am more of a vintage material girl, I very much enjoyed the boldness of this fabric at their Cambridge Concept Store.  And the sundresses were so pretty…        

Fabric at Marimekko - Huron Village

Perhaps you know this about me already, but I do love a good book store.  It is fun to visit with others who are just as appreciative and are willing to take their time perusing (T&D)…plus, Bryn Mawr is a non-profit that provides college scholarships.   A+.          

Replaced my lost copy of Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott) for $3. Nice!

I am not typically big into cemetaries, but Mount Auburn Cemetary is a definite exception.  It is a work of horticultural genius, for starters.  And I felt true serenity, walking along its endless paths.         

“It seems as if Nature had formed the spot with the distinct idea of its being a resting place for her children” .  This is what Emily Dickenson wrote (about Mount Auburn) to a friend in 1846.  This is exactly how I felt, wandering about the place more than a century and a half later.                

Raccoon at Mount Auburn Cemetary

Memorial at Mount Auburn

Chapel at Mount Auburn

Back to Harvard Square (I couldn’t get enough)…remember this band from my last post?  I was able to return and spend more quality listening time .  They needed no fancy acoustics in order to sound great. I love seeing people put themselves out there BIG and am hoping this was a beautiful experience for them.          

A Night in the Box from Minneapolis, MN

These girls seemed to really be enjoying each other and the day.  Cheers to being young and happy and most likely very smart to boot!           

Relaxing outside Crema Cafe

Post Harvard Square, I caught a bus to Huron Ave and Formaggio Kitchen, then walked the rest of the way home.       

Relaxing on the T - so much better than driving!

Amazing what one sees, growing on trees...walking is even better than the T!

The pics below are really meant for fellow foodies.  I know there are those of you out there who simply eat and drink to meet basic bodily needs.  Try as I might to understand, it just doesn’t compute.  For me, being thin means my thyroid is out of whack again or I am depressed.  So, if you see me and I am looking too thin, you may want to lower your head; pretending not to see me.           

Anyway, Formaggio Kitchen is as artisan as it gets.  Alas, my little digital camera does not do this place justice – but it will give you an idea of its greatness.  I visited several times for a coffee or a sandwich or something simple like that, mainly to justify my wandering the aisles.  Except for the last day, when I splurged on prosciutto and beer infused caramels for Paul, and a bottle of balsamic vinegar for me.  And Paul.  But mostly me.           

I struck up a quick conversation with Euan over gourmet pastries and such, and he was kind enough to grant me a picture (thanks, Euan!).  All of the staff here are helpful and they know their food and drink.  And flowers.  I came in on Mother’s Day and watched several amazing bouquets come together in seconds, one right after the other, over and over.             

Fiddlehead Ferns and Such at Formaggio Kitchen

A Section of the Chocolate Section at Formaggio Kitchen

Euan, Manning the Bakery Section at Formaggio Kitchen

Honey, How I Love Thee...Formaggio Kitchen

And Mustard. Honey + Mustard = YUM. Formaggio Kitchen

Cheese. Sigh. Formaggio Kitchen

Oil and Vinegar, Vinegar and Oil...Formaggio Kitchen

Baseball Sugar Cookie. How could I resist? Formaggio Kitchen

I think it only fair to end this Cambridge chapter with the pup who made it all possible.  This. Dog. Is. Adorable.  Thank you Cosmo, for your delightful company these past two weeks : )             

Cosmo - Always There to Help with the Crumbs

  PS Did you know that you can click on a picture to make it bigger?  Just making sure…             

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