Bob The Cat

Since Paul and I began caretaking last year, we have had several requests to house and pet sit across the states.  Because our current sit is long term (one to two years) we are currently off the market.  For this reason, I have been putting together a list of people we know and trust who caretake so that when Paul and I are asked for a reference I have their info at my fingertips.   

Kevin and Alicia Shea make it easy for me to refer them for several reasons.  I met Kevin while browsing a house sitting forum on  It was here that I noticed that he and his wife Alicia live in Massachusetts (not far from our current sit) and had recently been profiled in a New York Times article (please see my November posts for the full article).  

I contacted Kevin in hopes he would be interested in exchanging ideas and we have established a rapport these past few months.   Alicia designed their website, which happens to be the best caretaking website I have come across.  All that aside, the biggest reason I can give for referring this couple stems from Kevin’s most recent post on the Housecarers forum…  

“Later this month we are off again. This time it will be a repeat sit in Northeast CT taking care of our now long term friend, Bob the cat. I can’t remember exactly but this will be the 5th or 6th time for this client. They were our first way back in June 2008.
We thoroughly enjoy this sit as we have our choice of staying in the main house or at the cottage down the path from the main house. We sometimes stay in the main house for the week and then “vacation” to the cottage for the weekends. A different driveway to the cottage makes it feel as if we are truly in 2 different places, … except that Bob knows where we are and saunters over.

Bob’s favorite thing is to pluck on the window screen in the office. He gets to it by hopping up in the porch handrail, and then strums it so as to tell us, “Hey, open the door!”.  So the door valet gets up, opens the door and waits the designated time as Bob slooooowly enters the house. Of course, he then eats a bit and leaves quickly through his cat door.   

We have gotten to know the homeowners friends and they will be our dinner guests, again, on our first weekend there. It is rather funny to be entertaining folks who know the place better that we do and who can tell us where their preferred beverage is located. Our dinners with their friends have been such fun and so talked about, that the homeowners invited us for a weekend just so that they could enjoy the fine cooking and have a few laughs.
We have already made reservations at Still River cafe, considered the #1 Destination restaurant in New England. and we are also looking forward to sipping some Cointreau Noir in front of the fireplace in the cottage while playing with Bob.  Next up — who knows?”

So, my main reason for referring this couple is that these are the kind of people I would want to be taking care of our home and pets.   Kevin and Alicia not only caretake – they establish relationships and clearly enjoy the lifestyle they have created for themselves.  Thank you Kevin and Alicia for allowing me to share a bit of your story!    

*If you are looking for caretakers in the near future, you can contact Kevin and Alicia through their website, which is listed above and to the right, under blogroll.  If you are interested in caretaking, feel free to contact me for ideas and inspiration.  Or, If you simply have any questions and/or comments to share, please click the comment link at the top of this post – I love comments!

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