A Glimpse of The Collection

This isn’t the first time I have written about collections, or handwritten letters in general. Both topics fascinate me, after all. I typically have an easy time letting go of material objects, and I don’t buy much “stuff” for myself or others, unless I truly believe it will be appreciated by the recipient and I can truly afford the expense. Yet, I am a hoarder of ephemera. Honestly, what you see above is just part of my collection. At least it is relatively light-weight and easy to haul and/or ship.

What does being a hoarder of ephemera even mean? It means that I am the person that has saved just about every little ticket stub ever handed back to me, every wedding invitation extended to me, and every post card and letter sent to me (how else could I keep track of all of the places I have lived?). I treasure journals and yearbooks, love notes from grammar school crushes, matchbooks from favorite establishments, creative business cards, and let’s not even get started on old photos. Oh, and it isn’t just personal. I love all ephemera, especially of the vintage variety.

I know that I am not alone, but it does seem that I am increasingly in the minority when it comes to things that have been easily replaced or tossed aside by technology. Please tell me. Do you collect ephemera? What kind? Or is there anything else that you collect that you feel you can’t/won’t ever voluntarily let go of? Books? Beads? Guitar picks? Records? Crystal? Matchbooks from vacations past?

*Leave me a comment between now and Saint Patrick’s Day and I will draw a name and send the winner a handwritten letter with my Waterman pen on some stationary or an old card. Your comment can be about anything – what you collect, why you collect it, the (lost?) art of all things handwritten, etc. etc. Rapport. It (still) matters to me.





Camas, Washington by Way of Utah (In Pictures)


Winger's for Some Road Food


Bad Night's Sleep


Our First Meal in Oregon


Camas Hotel (That's MUCH Better!)


Same Price as the Utah Motel ~ What The?


Vintage Ephemera at Camas Antiques


Keeping it Cool at Camas Antiques


Buttons to Remind Me of Simpler Times


Liberty Theatre




Kevin, of Birch Street Uptown Lounge


Absinthe Nightcap for Valynne



Still Life of Buttons

Now that we are caretaking, Paul and I have really reduced the amount of “stuff” in our lives.  Still, there are some things that provide enough comfort to warrant schlepping cross-country (several times over, in my case).  We both have a bit of a book fetish.  Maybe one of these days we will learn to appreciate reading via Kindle but I really, truly doubt it. 

I collect other stuff also, like beads, cards, essential oils, and photos, of course!   Stuff that takes up a lot less space than books.

Now, for some reason, I am finding myself really drawn to buttons.  Not quite sure what started it.  Maybe the button Emily sewed on the purse she made me before we left for the Cape.  Or was it before that?  I have always liked buttons, but never in an addictive type way.  Now, I feel I need more buttons in my life.  I don’t know what I will do with them once I have them but am positive an amazing project will indeed present itself. 

And you, what do you collect?  You can answer this question even if I already know – it will make it more fun for the group!  And, speaking of fun, you have three more days to comment on a January blog to qualify for the drawing of the mystery prize…

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