Lost in the Attic with Cupcakes, An Interview, and a Contest!

Lost in the Attic with Cupcakes, An Interview, and a Contest!


How wonderful are my friends?  Take Rachel, for example.  She called me out of the blue this week and asked if I would allow her to interview me and blog about it.  Why yes, Rachel…that would be lovely!  Thank you for asking!

The interview focuses mainly on the sale of my bath and body products business, Mountain Girl Organics.  We had so much fun with this!  I am thinking you will enjoy it as well, and I am sure you are wanting to know more about the contest…

It’s a piece of cake.  Well, more like a bar of soap.  And a bag of malted milk balls.  And maybe some honey mustard pretzels…yum.  Where was I?  Oh, yes.

All you have to do is comment on my blog (feel free to comment on whatever post you are drawn to here), then visit Rachel at  www.lostintheattic.typepad.com and leave a comment on her post featuring yours truly and the sale of MGO. 

This will give you not one, but two chances at winning a $25 gift certificate for Mountain Man Fruit & Nut Co. in Evergreen Colorado…yum…contest starts NOW and ends next Friday (4/16/10)…ready, set, go!

The Sale of Mountain Girl Organics

The Sale of Mountain Girl Organics

Evergreen Farmers' Market, Summer 2008

Forgive the digression; it is just that, at this point, most of our Caretaking Couple readers are also familiar with my natural bath and body products business, Mountain Girl Organics

If you have not heard already, Mountain Girl Organics, LLC is going up for sale as soon as all of the bookwork is taken care of.  My realtor will be Sue Caicedo of Evergreen Commercial Group.  Here is her contact info:

Sue Caicedo
Keller Williams Foothills Realty
Evergreen Commercial and Residential Group
303-670-7732 Office
720-839-3484 Cell

I know a lot of you have questions (the most popular being “How Much Are You Selling It For?!?) and we are busy working on all of that. 

My inventory and equipment are currently with my friend and mentor Laurie Teason in Lakewood, CO.  She has a commercial kitchen there and would like to continue on with MGO. 

Laurie does not come with the sale : ) however she is familiar with all things MGO and would prove invaluable should someone without industry experience purchase MGO. 

***You can find Mountain Girl Organics pictures on my Facebook page.  Feel free to friend me (Valynne Bernetich) and/or become a fan of Caretaking Couple***

If you have questions or comments feel free to share.  If I can answer them, I will.  As soon as all info is gathered, the details of the sale will be left to Sue. 

Big hugs to all you friends, customers, and fellow greenies out there : )

Valynne & Paul


Haiti Needs Soap

Haiti Needs Soap

Our friend Alane of Blissful Botanica just brought to my attention this blog:


Don’t have any soap/shampoo to spare?  The crafting community is also stepping up and showing their support.  Find out how by going to my friend Rachel’s blog:


And if you are needing or wanting anything from Mary Janes Farm, please consider purchasing those items this week as 10% of sales will go to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts:


Most of us cannot begin to imagine the circumstances the Haitian earthquake victims now find themselves in.  Thank you for doing whatever you can to help.  Hugs,

Valynne & Paul

PS I just sent 50lbs of random soap chunks in 2 large Priority Mail boxes, which cost me $29 total.  Two normal boxes would have cost me around $80 to send.  Be sure to use the “Flat Rate” boxes, which you can pick up free of charge at the post office.

Mountain Girl Memories

Mountain Girl Memories

Mountain Girl Memories

January marks three years for our beloved Mountain Girl Organics.  I am creating a portfolio of all things Mountain Girl and would appreciate your help…

 Do you have a photo, momento, memory, or testimonial you would like to share?  If so, I would really love to hear from you.   

Please click on the comment link above or e-mail me at Valynne@MountainGirlOrganics.com if you have an attachment. 

*Bonus:  if you comment/e-mail before the end of January 7th (tomorrow) your name will be entered into my mystery prize drawing!* 

A Quiet Christmas

A Quiet Christmas

Ski Country Antiques Open House 2008

This is a new kind of holiday season for us, and not just because of the move.  A year ago, I was creating and selling  my natural bath and body products with fervor while Paul worked tirelessly behind the scenes.  

A year later (i.e. now),  Laurie has made and delivered the last of the wholesale orders to my Colorado shops for me (thank you Laurie).  The Mountain Girl Organics online shop is officially closed for the winter and I have just enough product left over to share with a few new neighbors and friends.  

Sitting here post-blizzard with the Greyhounds by the fire feels so comfy, wistfulness notwithstanding.  I’ve got a few things to figure out.  In the meantime, a quiet Christmas…

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