MGO Soap Display at Mountain Man Fruit & Nut Co.

It is Earth Day and I am feeling good.  The Bay sparkles.  The doors and windows are open wide.  The clothes are drying in the ocean breeze.  And the gardens are coming to life.  We are blessed. 

I am happy about something else, as well.  This morning, I woke up feeling a bit melancholy over my little business, Mountain Girl Organics.  Earth Days past involved Evergreen celebrations that included local poets, musicians, artisans, and MGO prizes (of course). 

This year, my little business is up for sale and the products have all but dwindled from the shelves.  Recently, interest was expressed from a potential buyer who lives out of state and has  never tried MGO products before.  So, Laurie agreed to make a few bars of soap for her.

It is pretty much just as easy to do a large batch as it is to do a small one, so I asked Jeanie at Mountain Man Fruit & Nut Co. in downtown Evergreen if she would be interested in ordering a few more bars.  Her inventory is all but depleted and she said absolutely.

So, while I am excited to be heading in this new direction in life, I am also very pleased to see that my bar soaps will once again be available at Mountain Man during this time of transition.  

The bars will take a few weeks to cure, and not all scents will be available, but they will be on the shelves in time for the busy market season.  I am a bit surprised to feel such relief over this! 

But what is the correlation between bar soaps and Earth Day, you ask? 

My bar soaps are more natural than most.  They are created with organic, sustainable, and fairly traded ingredients…no need for chemical preservatives.  They use very little packaging (which has been recycled and is recyclable).   Lightweight and easy to ship as well. No leaky messes.  I could go on and on…

Your turn.  Are you doing something special in honor of Earth Day? Do you make your own natural products?  Or maybe you have tips for us, on how to live simply so that others may simply live? If so, do tell!

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