Milo the Handsome

Congratulations, Joyce…you won the Easiest.Contest.Ever. thanks to your comment on our SUNday FUNday post!  You are the first person to win that I don’t actually know…how exciting!  So, I know you live on the Cape, and that is about all I know.  Please get me your addy or maybe we can even meet for a cuppa?

You can e-mail me at or

To everyone else out there in blogsville; I am in the process of changing from to as this will allow me to do more and exciting things with this here blog.  Suggestions always welcome, along with positive technovibes as I do my best to embrace yet another learning curve…

PS If you are looking to adopt a dog, might I suggest a Greyhound?  They are seriously wonderful canine companions!  So happy to report that the racetracks have closed here in MA.  That means lots of retired racers are now in need of good homes : )

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