Celebrating the last day of our Signal Mountain sit in Downtown Chattanooga

This picture of Paul pretty much sums it up…happy to be done with the Signal Mountain, Tennessee sit and ready to move on with our lives. Our last day was spent in Chattanooga, at the 2011 Nightfall Concert Series.  Dawes played that night and we left the area feeling a little bit better about things.

Dawes Rocks Chattanooga

We visited our friends Peg and Owen just outside of Memphis for a few days before leaving Tennessee altogether and driving to New Orleans. They have a Georgetown motorhome and let us sleep in it while we were there (woo-hoo!).  I haven’t quite convinced Paul that he wants to live with me in an Airstream yet, but all in good time.

A Drive Around Munford with Owen and Peg


Greeter at the General Store

True Southern Hospitality, a house full of snuggly dogs, and stormy weather allowed for us to decompress a bit before heading on to New Orleans, Vegas, and Sedona before taking on our next sit in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Storm Brewin' Out Back


Puppy Love


Paul and Owen, atop The Peabody Hotel in Memphis

We enjoyed driving around Munford (although seeing the water levels of the Mississippi was a bit scary, especially after riding out April’s tornadoes) and hanging out in Memphis, on Beale Street for the most part. Don’t try this at home, kids…

Young Beale Street "Flipper", Mid-Flip

Beale street is known for it’s Flippers.  Earlier on, they had younger Flippers, and the older ones came out at dusk.  I doubt this Flipper was more than twelve years old.  To see what these guys are capable of, watch this video.  SO cool.

Owen & Peg on Beale Street

Thank you, Peg and Owen…can’t wait for you to come visit us now that we are hunkering down in Portland, Oregon!

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