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Laura and I at the Silver Lounge

Laura lives in Connecticut, (one of) my old stomping grounds.   We met several years ago while working for a mental health facility.  I remember her first day there and thinking then that we would surely be friends.  Maybe it was her Longaberger Basket purse.  I love Longaberger Baskets!  She sold them at the time.  They are pretty pricey, but these baskets are so sturdy and durable!  They made it through many a farmers’ market…but enough about baskets.

The two of us are living a couple of hours (give or take) away from each other now,  and Laura drove out to visit me on Saturday.  We did a couple of fun things around the area (lunch is always fun!) but mostly stayed home with the dogs.  The time went by way too fast.  I still struggle with time – seems like I am still making time for time, even in my deliberate quest to simplify.  I had a Mountain Girl Organics (my business) meeting that I really could not reschedule, and some family drove over to visit with the dogs (Ty is doing better but still needs lots of encouragement).   Laura has two kids at home and more jobs than one person should be allowed, so her schedule is very tight…tricky.

Regardless of all that, it is always good to see her.   One day soon, we will visit with few outside distractions and an actual budget.  Maybe a spa weekend, or a retreat of some sort.  Maybe we could go on a cruise; a creative type cruise!  You know, where you listen to motivational speakers or something along those lines that feels relaxing and inspiring (in between ports, of course).  Laura is a Spanish teacher; perhaps we could go on a Western Mediterranean cruise!  I could polish up (ie relearn) my Spanish while we are there.  Here I go again with the distractions.  Maybe we could simply turn off the computers and phones and just hang out next time.  What do you think, Laura?  What do you think, everyone else?

PS Thanks, Frank for suggesting the Silver Lounge in Falmouth – we really enjoyed it!  Plus there is a really sweet country store attached…always looking for new homes for my natural bath and body products line : )

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