Missing From Signal Mountain, TN as of 4/20/2011

It has been a month since Paul and I left Signal Mountain, Tennessee.  A woman who lived a few miles away from us during our six month sit there went missing back in April and I have not stopped thinking about her and her loved ones (especially her children) since.

The way her disappearance has been dealt with makes little sense to me.  I have been gleaning as much information as I can via the facebook page Bring Gail Home Now.  Links to articles, radio broadcasts, pictures, etc. can be found there.  You can “like” this page if you are on fb, or Google her name for details if you are not.

I don’t know what I can do besides try my best to let everyone know that she is missing in hopes that someone  somewhere will come forward with something before yet another case goes cold (there are currently four women missing that I now know of in Tennessee).

I am not naive ~ I know these things happen every day all over the world.  I am just confused by what is, and more importantly, what is not, being done with regards to this particular case.  So, if I think it is doing any little bit of good, I will continue to blog about this subject.  I am counting on feedback from you on this one.

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