I know nothing about New York real estate.  That being said, this mansion is for sale on the Upper West Side and I am tempted to call the realtor and ask if the doors and windows are extra. Just curious, is all.  If it weren’t a waste of people’s time, I would love to see the interior.  But it is a waste of people’s time.  Maybe if I said I was an up and coming blogpreneur? I mean, I did just break the 3,000 hits mark (thanks all)!  Still, a waste of people’s time.  Drat.   

Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter I






Alice’s Tea Cup is really sweet (as in Strawberry Chocolate Scones sweet).  I asked for lavender tea and ended up with this wonderful blend… “Serene is the composition of chamomile blossoms, lemon verbena, wild crafted linden herb, organic peppermint leaves, organic osthmanthus flowers, organic jasmine blossoms, organic lemongrass and lavender flowers”.  Bliss.  And they make their own Ginger Soy Dressing.  I could drink it.  Seriously.  

Fiocchetti ai tre formaggi e pera

MEZZOGIORNO Restaurant is on the corner of Spring and Sullivan in SoHo and has been since 1987.  What you see here is small pasta pouches filled with cheese and pear.   Tuscan Cuisine…definitely in the  top five on my Life’s Loves list.  Oh, and all of the interior furnishings, including the Florentine bar,  (and the owner) were imported from Italy.  You may know this about me by now, but I have this, this thing for Italy   



And Ireland.  I certainly could not visit NYC without stopping in an Irish Pub.  Of the several times I have been to New York (as an adult, anyway), I have proudly upheld this tradition.  These pics were taken towards the end of our stay.  Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake the night before and I couldn’t sleep for thinking of all the people in crisis.  Having been thrown out of bed and across the room during the Northridge Quake (CA) in 1994, I know the damage earthquakes and their aftershocks are capable of.  The Northridge Quake was a 6.7 and no where near as devastating as what Haiti is now facing.  So, while Paul met with coworkers on Madison Ave, I hoofed it to one of my new favorite streets and found me St James Gate and ordered me an Absolute Bloody Mary (because drinking always helps, she thinks sarcastically to herself).  Bartendress Siobhan and I contemplated many things; mostly having to do with technology and the quake.   A man named LR at the end of the bar piped in every now and then…he reminded me of the man who sits at the end of the bar at Vesuvio in San Francisco; similar beards and caps and dress; as if they stepped out of another era.  A better era.  LR  drank his pint and whiskey while reading Chronicles, Volume One (for the fourth time) until he decided to get back to work, warning Siobhan that he would most likely be back later. ..

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