Vision Boarding has become a tradition for me.  I create one every year between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I think I became hooked right around the time that the The Secret was on everyone’s radar (2006).   This is not something Paul is interested in doing for himself, but sharing mine with him is always fun and sure to stimulate some interesting conversation.

Anyone can create a vision board.  All you need is images and/or words (think old magazines,flyers,postcards,maps, etc.), a poster board, and some glue or double-sided tape. I feel that a lot of us aren’t quite sure what it is we want, exactly, and that the process of exploring images and contemplating why certain ones appeal to us more than others can help us to clarify.

This year, my vision board evolved (is evolving, I should say) in a way unlike prior years.  The most noticeable difference was that my chosen images did not revolve around travel as much as they have in the past.  Paul and I are very comfortable and happy here in Portland.  We are curious as ever when it comes to travel, but the conversations revolve more around weekends in Seattle versus month-long road trips across the US.

Fret not, fellow nomads ~ I still dream of buying an Airstream and living/working from the road one of these days. For now, we are loving our little rental home here in NE Portland. We are reacquainting ourselves with old books, having guests over, and planning our backyard garden.  We are wandering Alberta Street, supporting local and befriending our neighbors.

To be honest, my vision board isn’t 100% complete yet.  It has been more of a process for me this year.  I like to have it hanging on the wall by January 1. This time around is different.  My vision for 2012 is still a bit blurred, but each day brings a bit more clarity.  Don’t you just love those Aha! Moments?

I remain enthusiastic around all things Caretaking Couple and Coach Valynne and will be focusing more on my writing, my health (and yours, too if you’d like), and maintaining a steady income.  I will post what that looks like in the comments section below once I have more clarity around it.

And now, because you knew I would ask…what is your vision for 2012 (or your goals, priorities, dreams, resolutions…whatever word you prefer)?  If you feel like sharing, please do.  Meantime, a very HAPPY and HEALTHY 2012 to all of you with love from Valynne & Paul.

PS The handwritten affirmations are from the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  I have referred to this book off and on since I was a teenager.

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