We have stopped for the night in what I thought was Ohio.  According to the hotel keycard, we are actually in Michigan.  Anyway, we are very close to Ohio  –  just a bit above it.  Meaning, we are right on schedule.  The adventure we are on is starting to sink in and I have been feeling sentimental/excited/sentimental all day.  Paul and I are both very eager to meet the two greyhounds we will be sharing our lives with…I hope they like us!

Iowa was beautiful; sunshine and morning dew made for glistening cornfields.  Then, the occasional old barn and/or Victorian.  And the pretty cows.  Seeing them spread out across the rolling hills gave me a good feeling.   Perhaps I am being unfair to the other states (it rained the entire time we drove through Nebraska, Illinois, and Indiana) but we both really enjoyed Iowa.   We are also enjoying our travelling CD gifts immensely – thank you, friends. 

Paul is trying to sleep, and I know he is going to wake me up at the crack of dawn so I’m going to call it a day.  Goodnight  : )

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