Can we, as individuals afford to give what has been deemed socially acceptable in our human circles?  Can we, as a global community, afford it?  If not, then let this be the year we begin (or continue) to change our habits for the better. 


Are our purchases improving societies and eco-systems or destroying them?  Let us all try to wrap our heads and hearts around this question and honor the answers this Holiday Season.

Brick and Mortar

Our Indie businesses need us now.  What may seemingly cost more up front can ultimately save our communities on a global scale.  Please let’s support our local shopkeepers and restauranteurs who in turn support our local artisans and producers and economy in general.     

Alternative Gifting

Giving does not need to involve the spending of money we cannot really afford to spend.  Writing a poem, singing a song, handmaking a card, baking a treat, infusing a bath oil, shovelling a driveway, teaching a skill, walking a dog, sharing a photo…the posibilities are endless.


A gift is a gift, be it humble or grand .  Let us give what we can to those we want to give to, and let us receive with gratitude in our hearts.   Happy Holidays, everyone!

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