Rosie Gives Paul a Tour of the Back Yard

All of our Caretaking Couple facebook friends know that we have added chickens to our sitting repertoire, but I don’t think it has been mentioned here on the blog.  Many a Portlander has a chicken coop out back.  Not only are chickens entertaining (no, really ~ these chickens crack us up), but they lay eggs.  I know!  Bonus. And look how pretty the eggs are…

Breakfast, Compliments of Toops and Rosie

We can pick up whatever we need for the chickens at the nearby Urban Farm Store, and the owners have even written a book on chicken keeping.  I love visiting the chicks whenever we go to pick up feed, etc. for the girls – they are seriously adorable.

Coop, Sweet Coop for Rosie and Toops

We are going to miss these girls when we move in to our new digs.  Luckily, they will only be a few blocks away.  Thank you, Toops and Rosie, for months of laughs and yummy breakfasts.

P.S. If you decide you want to raise chickens, be sure to find out what the regulations are in your neighborhood (some hoods don’t allow roosters, some have a limit on how many chickens you can keep, etc. etc.).

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