Thank you, Michele for this new and improved display pic...

First – I would like to thank Michele for her Photoshop (or however you managed that) expertise, not to mention her creativity and the fact that she’s got Paul’s back.  I am sure he will thank you profusely once he discovers this gem : ) Find out more about Michele and her mad skills at . Doesn’t Paul look good in argyle? 

Second – I would like to announce the latest CC prize winner!  Paul drew one name from the pile and guess who it was?  DENISE S!  Yay, Denise!  You, who actually reads my blogs and comments often,  have obviously been blessed by the blog gods…luvly jubly as Paul likes to say : )

Third – Paul and I are off to New York City tomorrow for a few days.  I am not your typical city girl but I do love  NY.  Paul has a business meeting there and the homeowners are here with Milo so I am off to wander (especially looking forward to reacquainting myself with the Village and SoHo).  There will be blogging involved…stay tuned!

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