We are here : )  Got in yesterday after driving through New Jersey and Connecticut on a perfect New England Fall Day.  We didn’t go through Hartford, etc. –  took the shore route instead.  Just thought I would throw that in there so we don’t get in trouble with our CT crowd! 

Well, this spot is absolutely wonderful.  We are settling in to the Cape on The Bay.  There will be family and friends in and out through the weekend and we already feel a sense of community.  I am busy reading Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies.  These dogs are very sweet! 

Today, we will be wandering around Buzzards Bay to help get us acquainted with the area.  Paul is making us all shrimp risotto for dinner.  Still feels a bit like vacation; a little surreal.  We are both very happy we decided to do this, and that we were chosen for this particular sit. 

Paul and One of Our New Roomies (Milo)

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