Paul is listening to the cricket match (Derbyshire v Gloucestershire) while I read my favorite blogs.  On Sundays, I also like to read the paper (typically the New York Times) in my PJ’s, catch up on correspondence, and maybe watch a movie with Paul and Milo,  my two main squeezes.       

Unless it is really nice out – then we are typically in the garden or on a road trip.  What do you like to do on Sundays?  If you work Sundays (which I have done most of my adult life up until now), what do you do on your “Day of Rest”?  Please tell me you have one.  

I imagine you enjoy blogs (seeing as how you are reading this one).  There is a blog that I discovered a couple of months ago and absolutely love.   I love it so much that I have decided to add it to my INSPIRATION links to the right of this post.        

The blog is www.bluebirdnotes.blogspot.com and there just happens to be a giveaway going on this weekend…so be sure to stop by and see for yourself how very wonderful said blog is.   And enter to win something practical and pretty!     

Next week, I am heading to Cambridge to hang out with Cosmo (see adorable pic below).  We bonded a couple of weekends ago and I am  especially looking forward to hanging out with her at the local dog park…and wandering around Harvard Square.        

I'm very sweet and would sure love a treat...

The homeowners here on the Bay will most likely be around in May which means that Paul will be joining me for at least part of the time – FUN!  I know he will love Cambridge.   Have you been to Cambridge?  If so, let us know your favorite spot(s)…I will post pics : )        

Speaking of pics, I am a bit behind on some stuff.  It has been a great spring so far!  We were able to spend another weekend in NYC – here are some highlights…       

Dakota Blonde in NYC!

Our friend Mary has the voice of an angel.  She is angelic all around, come to think of it.  If you aren’t familiar with this Colorado band, please find out more about them at  www.DakotaBlonde.com.       

We love this band and were so excited to see Dakota Blonde at their first official NYC gig at the Metropolitan Room!  Mary, is the compilation CD out yet?!?        

Casey & Paul in the Big Apple!

 We also got to catch up with our sweet friend Casey, who just happened to be visiting friends in NYC that weekend.  Love you, Casey!        

Noah, Alexis, and Sarah

Even got to meet some of Caseys besties while we were there.  BTW, Noah and Alexis are newlyweds.  Congrats, you two! 

Paul and Carolyn

Here you see Paul and Carolyn, pondering our next adventure…Baba Ghanoush at Shalel – YUM!

We packed a lot into that weekend – above are just some of the highlights.  What was that?  You want to see just a little more?  Well, OK.  If you insist. 

How about I tell you a bit more about Carolyn.  Actually, I will show you.  Carolyn does stuff like this…     


She goes out for the paper or whatever and comes back with cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.  Hostess/Mostess! 

Her sister is equally wonderful – it just happens that she had a cold that weekend so we didn’t get to see her much.  Next time, Amy!  And thanks, Andy for joining us – it was so fun getting to know you better!     

Ah, Idlewild...

We found a new bookstore to add to our “favorites”.  There were Italian language lessons being taught in the back room.  It boasted a nice vibe all around and I found lots of travel books there that I had never heard of.   Books by writers about other (travel) writers, even.  Simply. Fun.      

FISHS EDDY - Union Square

This one’s for you, Rach.  And Em.  And me.  Double handled polka dotted mugs.  That is, indeed, what I am talking about.   OK, just one more FISHS EDDY pic…    


Laura, this one is for you.  And me.  This is what my kitchen would look like if I actually had one.  I try to travel light (like a good vagabond) but I do have a distinct weakness for dishware…     

Be the change that you want to see in the world - Ghandi

 Found this statue of Ghandi just outside the farmers’ market in Union Square…have I mentioned how much I love New York City?       

OK, I guess I have shared enough for one Sunday.  Please share your Sunday with us.  And if you have been to Cambridge we would love to know about your favorite haunts.   The same goes for NYC.  And the Cape.  You know we love hearing from you…      

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