Cedar Falls, Ohio was one of the prettiest places we visited.  This was another quick stop as we raced against time to get back to the Cape.  Sometimes, having a timeline is a bummer!  We were so close to gorges, waterfalls, caves, and forests…it was a shame to leave without seeing what this lovely part of the US is all about. 

OK, I am done sulking now.  Let me show you how pretty it was at The Inn at Cedar Falls

View From the Balcony

The Restaurant and Tavern at the Inn is located in two of the properties 1840’s log cabins…I love log cabins.  Does anyone not love log cabins?

The Restaurant and Tavern

And this little bar reminded me a bit of The Icehouse Cafe in Evergreen, Colorado.  There was just about the same amount of space behind it and barstools in front of it. 

Little Bar, Big on Character

We had a lovely dinner there (check out the menu – it is surprisingly gourmet for being located in what feels like the middle of the woods). 

Then, time enough for some shut-eye in our cozy room, another yummy meal (French toast, homemade granola and fruit, fresh coffee…) in the cabins,  and we were off.

Paul and Rand (McNally) having Breakfast at the Inn

Something about the phone booth just outside of the reception area left me feeling nostalgic.  Wow, how times have changed.  Guess it comes with age…the longing for life as one once knew it.  I know, I know, I am only thirty-seven…but haven’t things changed so much, in such a small amount of time?  Or is it just me being a sentimental fool?

Reminder of Simpler Times

This was to be our last night on the road for a while.  I have finished our “Road Trip 2010” chronicles just in time to embark on our next journey.  We are finishing up a month off between sits here in Provincetown, MA.  It has been a great time…I will post more about that soon.  We head South for TN on Monday.  Not even sure what route we are taking yet, which is all part of the fun… 

On the Road Again

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