All I really cared about with regards to North Carolina was finally getting to see the Outer Banks for ourselves and maybe hitting Asheville, of which we have heard so much about.   Somehow our plans changed and Wilmington took the place of Asheville on our itinerary. 

CW Worth House

I wasn’t too disappointed, knowing we will get to Asheville at some point in the next several months (we are heading south for our next sit come November).  And when we drove up to the CW Worth House , Asheville was all but forgotten.  This Victorian beauty was built in 1893 and has been impeccably preserved, inside and out.  It is the longest operating B&B in Wilmington.  I highly recommend you stay here if you get the opportunity.

Boardwalk along the Cape Fear River

And walking distance from the Worth House is downtown Wilmington, along with its fantastic boardwalk full of restaurants and shops and college students and dogs out for their evening walks. 

Romantic dinner at The Pilot House

Food tastes better when riverfronts, boardwalks, candles and sunsets are involved.  I think so, anyway.  We enjoyed every minute at The Pilot House.  And, although I don’t consider myself a city girl, I do love being able to wander around town and back to our digs on foot.  

Mind you, there are things you don’t notice so much at night.  Things like spiders. 

Big Garden Spider. Very Big.

I know there are some of you who don’t like spiders and would rather I hadn’t posted this pic.  However, they are everywhere in Wilmington and therefore worthy of mention.  According to a gardener we happened to meet on the way to the B&B, this spider is not poisonous to humans.  Excellent news.  It is also known as a Writing Spider, owing to the webs it weaves.  Interesting, I know! Right.  Time to move on.

Downtown Wilmington, NC

August in the South is hot.  I am guessing this is why you don’t see many pedestrians in this photo.  There are some funky little shops and bars.  This is my favorite Wilmington storefront…

Hardwire Tattoo

No, I don’t have any tattoos.  Do you?  Tell us about it via the comment link, won’t you?  And while we are on favorites, this is my favorite building in Wilmington:

St. James Parrish

And I don’t go to church.  I just think this is a magnificent piece of architecture.   Especially against summer blue.  If you enjoy architecture, I am sure you will appreciate Wilmington. 

Brick & Iron

To keep the “favorites” theme going,  guess what one of my favorite southern dishes happens to be? 

Fried Green Tomatoes at Circa 1922

Circa 1922 is in the heart of downtown Wilmington and has heavenly tapas.  Our meal was, however, briefly interrupted by a patron who fell off her bar stool.  Oopsy.  It helps to drink water (instead of booze) if one is dehydrated on a 100+ degree day, methinks.  Anyway, my Circa 1922 refreshment of choice?  Pear Cider.  So refreshing.

The Battleship North Carolina

We didn’t tour the Battleship North Carolina, nor did we see the Wilmington coastline.  Alas, we had to keep movin’.  A fun aspect of cross-country road trips is figuring out what parts of the country you want to see more of; spend more time in.  I’ve fallen for North Carolina.  Couldn’t you see me sitting here with a pint of lemonade and my lappy, writing the next Great American Novel?  Sigh.

Front Porch of the Worth House

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