Share the Love Contest Time!

Here it is, a week before Valentine’s Day (and Anniversary #5 for Paul and I) and I am on a head cold high.  I think my body is acting out in protest as I enter month number three of good, clean livin’.

That’s right – I have been exercising and eating right going on three months now…with the exception of this past week (no appetite, and lots of ab crunches in the form of coughing fits).

Alas, no need to call the w-a-a-a-mbulance,   because I am officially on the mend.  I finally went to the Dr. today (that’s when you know things are dire in my world) and am *TCB for real.

So, the point of my post…This is probably more for me than you; still…there is fun to be had all around. Just read ANY of my posts (there are PLENTY to choose from, going back to 2009) and leave a comment.

***I will enter your name for each comment you leave (what can I say, I am a comment slut).***

Leaving a comment automatically enters you into the prize drawing (it is a surprise, but there will definitely be hearts involved)!  Thank you for sharing the love and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! XOXXOXO,

Valynne (and the Brit)

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* Taking Care of Business (it’s an Elvis thing).

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