You can find this mosaic in Central West between 71st and 74th Streets.  The area is known as Strawberry Fields and is endorsed by 121 Countries as a Garden of Peace.  Yesterday was very crowded, so I came back this morning and sat for a while on one of the many benches surrounding Imagine, which was donated by the City of Naples. 

During that time I saw many people come and go, most of them sitting on the mosaic and having pictures taken with friends.  A man was practicing T’ai Chi Chuan on a nearby grassy area while locals walked their dogs and chatted about relationships, mostly.  I loved seeing so many young people at the mosaic and teared up listening to their reasons for coming to this place. 

Just as I considered leaving Strawberry Fields,  a newlywed couple appeared in the near distance.  I remained glued to the bench while watching them walk past the mosaic.  Several people had wished them well when I finally found my voice and stood, asking them if I could take a picture.  All I could say was “beautiful” and then came more tears as I sat back down and they continued on…

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