While Paul is in England with his Dad, I am going through what was left of our “stuff” after the sale of the Colorado house.  Yikes.  We got rid of most of it, but still.  Too much stuff. 

I went and rented a storage unit the other day so that we could have our stuff out of the homeowners way when they are here for a month this summer.  My goal is to get whatever we have (sans couches, which we will most likely sell) to fit into the 5×10 unit. 

The bulk of our stuff consists of books.  A lot of my books can be checked out at any local library.  A lot of his can not.  So, I have decided to let go of most (not all!) of my books.  I have resisted this for some time but now it feels right.   I am ready. 

Maybe one day Paul and I will embrace the e-book phenomenon.   Not sure on that one.  We are still contemplating i-Tunes, after all.  I do love the idea of being truly mobile…still a book is so much more satisfying to me than a computer screen.

Do you have stuff that is weighing you down?  My goal is to simply live “beneath my means and within my seams”.  If this is a goal for you as well, or if you are already living this way, I would sure love to hear from you…

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