I wandered around the backyard early this morning.  Looks like it is time for some spring cleaning.  I know it’s not spring yet…but it is definitely getting there. 

Paul and I took Milo for a walk around the Bay a little later.  Seeing as today was picture perfect, we nixed going through what was left of our moving boxes and decided to treat ourselves to a Sunday drive.

Our first stop was the Cape Cod Canal.  We walked along it for a mile or two.  I think the Bourne Bridge is quite attractive. 

This campsite is right along the Cape Cod Canal walking trail.  It will be packed with campers in a month or two.  Perhaps I will meet a few: this trail covers seventeen miles of rollerblading bliss. Can’t wait!

We would have hit the Sagamore Bridge there in the distance had we kept walking.  Inspired by growling stomachs, we headed for the town of Sandwich instead. 

One last shot before hopping back into the 4Runner…this is the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge.  I love that she lifts for the ships and lowers for the trains…

I had been wanting to check this place out for some time, and Paul was interested as well.  It is called the Belfry Inne & Bistro.  Next door is the Painted Lady (a restored Victorian whose picture can be found in an earlier post).

We got there just in time for a late brunch.  Doesn’t that door just make you want to see what’s inside?

What a magnificent room.  This old building was fortunate to have not lost its charm regardless of renovations.

Never before have I taken pictures of windows in a restaurant loo…but oh, the colors!  And the light!  I could not resist.

Now that was a great meal.  Not too big, not too small says the Englishman. 

And back to the homestead.  Milo has become quite spoiled.  He sulks when we are gone for even one small hour.  We take that as a compliment.

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