Caretaking Couple Calls Portland Home

When Paul and I decided to house and pet sit full-time back in 2009, the Pacific Northwest was at the top of our travel wish list.  Then we were offered a sit on the other side of the country (Cape Cod, MA) and a couple of weeks later, we happily headed north and east.  It took us two years to make our way back across the States, eventually landing in Portland, Oregon.  This gave us perspective (Paul especially, who moved to America from England about eight years ago) and helped us to narrow down what it is we want and don’t want in a “home base”.

While we both love our travel, I can honestly say that it feels so GOOD to have this little space to call home. We are having the best time making each room comfy-cozy, having friends over, and sleeping in our own bed.  And for the first time in…forever, I am perfectly content with the fact that I have absolutely no short-term travel plans.  I don’t want to be anywhere but here. What a great way to celebrate the holidays.  Can’t wait to decorate our Christmas tree this year, with our own ornaments! What do you love about your home?

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