When Paul and I tell people that we have been taking care of properties and pets across the US since 2009, the response is oftentimes an enthusiastic one, followed by lots of questions.

Meet Sam and Pinto, Friends and Neighbors of Caretaking Couple.

Sam, curious to know if I have any more carrots for him.

One of the most popular questions is “What are some of the pros and cons of this lifestyle?”. Listed below are a few of my typical responses. These usually lead to a more in depth conversation, and I am happy to elaborate here if any of you would like more specifics (you can leave your questions in the comments section and I will reply).


  • We get to experience new places in a way that most tourists don’t (we live like locals, if only temporarily).
  • We meet people from all walks of life and form beautiful friendships along the way.
  • We get to care for and enjoy a variety of pets, knowing that they will be just fine when it is time for us to move on.
  • Our living expenses are much less than that of the average homeowner/renter.
  • The possibilities are endless and pondering our next locale is part of the fun.


  • Caring for someone else’s loved ones and belongings is a huge responsibility.  There will be stressors.
  • Some places and people (and pets!) are harder to leave than others.
  • Some people are harder to caretake, or sit for than others (we’ve learned to respectfully decline ridiculous requests).
  • Setting up house in a different state every few months to a year comes with it’s own complications.
  • Sometimes, there is “amazing opportunity” overlap and the decision making process can be tricky.

So, there they are, off the top of my head.  Again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  If you share a similar lifestyle, and have something to add to the list or comment on, we would love to hear from you as well!

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