It is almost the big Heart Day and I have a few things to say about it and am hoping you do too.  I know a lot of us are disgruntled with consumerism run amuk and that Valentine’s Day is now seen by many as just another ploy from the greeting card/floral industries to guilt us into spending too much. This got me to thinking and recollecting…mostly recollecting.

What I am thinking is this; most of us are pretty happy when someone they care about (or even a stranger, for that matter) goes out of their way to be thoughtful.  And, for most of us, the thoughtfulness does not require mass amounts of stuff (I said most of us).  I very much hope we all have touching Valentine’s Day stories that back up my theory.  Here are a few of mine.

When I was in fourth or maybe fifth grade my mom wrote all of my fellow students’ names on their Valentine’s cards in Calligraphy.  Lots of these kids kept these Valentines in their desk long after the big day because they felt special every time they saw their name all pretty-like on those cheap little see-through white envelopes.  Thank you for doing that, mom.

A decade or so later, my then boyfriend Tom wanted to give me a Valentine but had little money.  He handed me a single red rose with a ribbon attached.  Tied to the ribbon was an abalone shell ring.  Tom died last year at forty years old and even though we had fallen out of touch I will always treasure that ring and how special he made me feel that day.

My friend Mary loves hearts and so do I.  A couple of years ago my friend Laurie helped me make heart soaps in honor of Mary for Dakota Blonde’s Annual Valentine Show raffle.  Last year, during the concert, Mary surprised me with three beautiful black and white photos of the band, one in a sweet antiquey silver frame.  Warm Fuzzies.

As for the pot pie you see pictured above, this was not a Valentine – but the bonus red pepper heart brought much happiness that day and this photo pretty much sums up what I am getting at.  I was a very happy woman…all for under five bucks (can’t remember – may have even gotten an employee discount on it).

And now, for my favorite Valentine’s Day story…Paul and I had our first date on Feb 12th, 2006.  We had such a nice time that we decided to meet again the next night.  Instead, I ended up in the ER (car accident) and don’t remember that Valentine’s Day at all (pain meds) but I do remember him picking me up at the hospital and taking me back to his house and nursing me back to health for the next several days.  He has been my Valentine ever since : )

I am pretty sure I don’t need to tell you this…but it would be great to hear some of your very own Valentine’s stories : )  Just click the comment link above and type away.

PS I have nothing against cards and flowers.  I love them both.  I just think we could all use a little reminding that there are lots and lots of (inexpensive) ways to love and be loved.  Here’s wishing us all extra X’s and O’s this Valentines Day!

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