Joshua Trees

Paul and I left the 4Runner in New Orleans and flew to Arizona.  We rented a car and drove through Arizona (see above) to get to Las Vegas. Seems strange, but it saved time and was less expensive than driving ourselves, seeing as we had to be back in Lake Charles, Louisiana for a sit in two weeks time.

The Venetian

Paul had never been to Vegas, and that was the big draw.  It is one of those places that most of us want to experience, if only that one time.  This was my second time there, and I definitely appreciated it more as a thirty-something than a twenty-something (i.e. I actually remember most of it). It was my bestie’s bachelorette, after all.  Like you never woke up on a roof before?

Venetian Gondolier

You don’t need to be a gambler these days to enjoy the casinos.  They are completely over the top.  Staying at the Venetian was a treat. This gondola scene was a bit surreal, especially after having been to Venice, Italy in 2007.  Weird, but fun…like Epcot for grown-ups with money to burn.

Ferris Wheel in the Bellagio

The casinos were all decked out in honor of Memorial Day.  This ferris wheel at the Bellagio was my favorite.

Riviera Hotel & Casino

The old school facades still appeal to me most ~ they just scream Vegas, don’t they?  Makes me wanna see Swingers again.  Was that really filmed back in 1996?  Sigh.

The Wynn

I just wandered around with Paul our first day there…he had this glazed look in his eye.  It is always fun finding places that fascinate Paul.

O'Sheas Casino

I played cards at the Flamingo, or was it the Riviera?  Paul isn’t a gambler (although he did hit up the penny slots at O’Sheas) and I only had a few bucks to play with and the Venetian really wasn’t my scene.  It was a beautiful place to stay, though…the room was the size of my old apartment, and I do love a good soak.  So luxurious!

Caesars Palace

We went to Caesars palace and ended up in the shops and it was a serious challenge, finding our way back out.  That would normally freak me out but one makes exceptions when in Vegas.


Yes, we ate at Denny’s.  Don’t judge.  Can’t eat every meal at the Venetian.  Well, you can.  If you win big.  No such luck with us, but that is OK – we had a blast at Denny’s!  I reminisced over my Denny’s days (like the year I ate all three free Birthday meals there and got sick) and explained to the Brit what a “Moons Over My Hammy” is.

The Bellagio

We were wandering again when this Paris Hilton look-alike practically ran into Paul with her sign.  It would have made his night had he had any recollection of the encounter (again, no judging…it was his first time in Vegas, after all).

Free Hugs

The highlight of our stay was the Phantom of the Opera, which I have been wanting to see for decades.  I dressed up in a black and white polka-dotted dress and everything.  It was fun to alternate between high society and…Denny’s.

The Phantom of the Opera

Meanwhile, the twenty-somethings were standing in a miles-long line to get into TAO.  I know this makes me sound old, but holy crap, the dresses worn left nothing, not.a.thing. to the imagination.  Note to young women wearing short dresses – the look is ruined when you are constantly pulling down/up said dress and stomping around/teetering in your brand-new stilettos.  Practice at home first!  OK, I am done.

Home of the Brave, Indeed

Have you been to Vegas?  What did you love about it, or what freaked you out about it?  I would love to go back and play a real poker game…it’s on my bucket list.

Hoover Dam

I am a little bummed that we didn’t manage to fit Grand Canyon into our schedule as I have NEVER been.  I know!  I will get there, eventually.  Stopping at the Hoover Dam on the way to Sedona was a consolation.

Hoover Dam

“High Scaler” was sculpted by Steven Liguori in 2000.  Can you imagine having a job like this?  I have a hard enough time climbing up a twenty foot ladder.

High Scaler, in honor of those that built Hoover Dam

Feels so good to be out and about again.  Six months in Tennessee didn’t exactly fly by.  Open road, how I’ve missed you…

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