Maps, etc. at Cargo in the Pearl District

When I was little, I dreamt of far away places.  I was born in Connecticut and raised in California and the furthest I typically traveled was twenty-three miles from Ventura (Mom) to Santa Barbara (Dad, for a short while) going Greyhound on weekends, with an occasional flight back to Connecticut thrown in.  I knew I would never stay in one place for long once I actually had a say in the matter, and have remained true to form on that account since my late teens, even if all I could manage at times was moving a town or two over.

Twenty years and several walk-ups, tents, basements, campers, truck-beds (what?), homes and estates around the USA later, I find myself living in the Pacific Northwest with Paul.  We love it in our sweet rented bungalow here in Northeast Portland, Oregon.  The past eight months have flown by and we are happier than ever.

Then, out of nowhere, it hits me again.  The Wanderlust.  Perhaps I am just antsy, as I have more free time than most.  I am focusing on projects and hobbies, fun new friends, volunteering, temp work and a barter or two and can’t wait to get started on the raised garden beds out back.  I am finding us local Caretaking Couple gigs and admiring Portland neighborhoods with Paul on weekends.  Still.  The Wanderlust.  That’s all.

PS Has anyone seen the new movie Wanderlust yet with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston yet?  I plan on dragging Paul to see it over the weekend : )


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