Our Facebook Fan Page states the following:

“This page is for those interested in home and/or pet sitting…as well as travel, writing, living simply, and working from home or the road. Exchange ideas with like-minded people here & on our blog”.

Because you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you are interested in at least one of the above. If so, will you tell me which one interests you most?  If not, will you tell me why you are reading this blog (i.e. we are friends and this is the best way for you to keep in touch with us, etc.)?

I am asking this for clarification purposes.  I want to be sure to cater to our target demographic and all of that good stuff.  I am beginning to interview others that I think will educate and/or inspire you.  It looks like I will be taking online courses on blogging and travel writing (starting in May) as well.

We have a lot of ideas, but we want to hear yours.  Really!  What is it that inspires you?  Rapport is the beauty of the blog, after all.  The exchanging and implementing of ideas…I thrive on it.

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