Front Porch Decor Brought to you by Wildflowers and Neighbor Cat

Paul and I have been in NE Portland a little over a year now.  Initially, we came here on a three month sit. Next thing you know, we are renting a sweet little Craftsman smack dab in the heart of the Alberta Arts District and close to just about everything we love about Portland. We have had a great time furnishing it and making it homey. The garden has been a highlight of our summer and I often wonder how we ever got on without a front porch.

From 2009 to 2011 Caretaking Couple was simply the two of us, traveling around the States and taking care of people’s properties and pets.  Each sit has been a bit different than the one before and we have learned so much along the way.  As I have said before, we aren’t going anywhere until the fall, as summer in Portland is absolutely divine (and well-earned after a long, wet winter)…but now that fall is just around the corner we find ourselves at a crossroads.

Do we stay here in Portland, because we are happy here, or do we continue on our adventures, because we love adventures?

Of course, I have given some thought to the pros and cons of staying put…


We have a comfortable place to stay.  Our neighbors are nice.  The landlords are great.  We have room for guests.  We have privacy.  We don’t have to worry about other people’s things.  We are able to enjoy our things.  I have built up a decent little pet sitting business here in the neighborhood.  We can walk or bus to our favorite places.  Our garden is awesome.  We are in an urban area with lots to do.  This community suits the both of us.


The rent is high for two people, especially when we can be long-term sitting for $0.  The landlords would like to sell.  We are in one place (I like to travel more, but most of our sits here are on weekends ~ the only time Paul is able to get away).  Work is hard to come by…twice I have been offered jobs, spent my own time and money preparing for them only to find out that they weren’t really jobs after all (super frustrating). There are urban issues like gentrification and crime. And with this beautiful home comes maintenance (time that could be spent wandering).  And it is true what they say about the rain…

So, what would you do if you were in our situation?  We are curious!



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