Official WordPress Portland 2011 Shirt

WordPress is Coming to Bridgetown this Weekend!

I love the randomness of life. For example, I have been struggling with this, my beloved blog for a few months now. Experimentation has led to confusion and at some point I became hesitant to even TOUCH things here.

Then, one day as I roamed Alberta Street looking for a job, a cuppa, some inspiration…I came across a sign in a storefront window advertising WordPress Services.

Next thing you know, I am meeting with a man who is to be my future boss.  That is right, I went in looking for help with my blog and ended up with a j-o-b.  And not just any old job, but one that I am really excited about.

Part of my new job is to learn all things WordPress (I know, I am still pinching myself to see if it’s real). Tonight, I went to a WordPress class taught by said boss and this weekend I am attending WordCamp 2011!

So, faithful friends…I am here to tell you that I am back and plan to make this blog bigger and better than ever.  If you have been to WordCamp or are going to be at the one in Portland this weekend, do tell.!

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